What to Check About the Suspension System in Preventive Maintenance?

August 16, 2020 By Mike
Last updated on August 18, 2020

Like the other parts of a car, the suspension system also requires preventive maintenance. Some items can be checked for specific mileage, while others show varying wear, according to the driving mode and road the vehicle travels.

The first step in maintaining the suspension system is to always keep your car in line. The alignment must be done every 10,000 km and it is good to keep the tires conserved. With the car aligned, the wheels don’t pull and you don’t have to correct the car’s trajectory all the time. Thus, the suspension system is not overloaded and the parts do not suffer premature wear.

In addition, when performing the alignment, the professional inspects the wheels, looking for clearances. In this procedure, it is possible to identify the need to replace pivot and tray bushing, for example, as it is not possible to perform a good alignment with clearance in these components.

An important precaution: when washing your car floor after running on dirt roads, avoid spraying the suspension system. In this type of washing, chemicals are used that can attack parts of rubbers, such as the bushings. Also avoid cleaning with petroleum products – these components dry out the rubber and can damage the bushings and the hoods.

As the wear of the suspension depends a lot on the type of use the car has (such as carrying weight, riding with many passengers, making sudden starts and brakes, etc.), it is recommended that the suspension system be checked periodically for mileage. Thus, it is possible to detect the need to replace parts in time to avoid wearing other components.

How often should you inspect the springs and make the change?

In general, the suspension should be checked every 10,000 kilometers traveled. This periodicity allows defects to be noticed even at the beginning to carry out the change preventively. It must be analyzed whether the steering is loose, which indicates a possible replacement of the steering terminals. In case, you want to know more information about suspension parts and other auto parts, then check out Sparepartstore24.co.uk.

In addition, it should be seen if there is a leakage of oil from the shock absorber and if it is functioning normally. In the case of springs, it is possible to identify wear or cracks. Regarding the rubber parts, you should look for wear on the tray bushings or on the cushion. Keep an eye out for noise and changes in comfort and the way you drive your vehicle.