What are some of the most popular cars in the UK?

January 28, 2022 By Mike
Last updated on January 28, 2022

Wondering what the most popular cars are in the UK right now? Although sales have been hit as a result of COVID-19, there are still a few vehicles that are selling well and it is predicted that the market should pick up this year. So, what are the most popular cars in the UK?

Tesla 3

Although car sales have slumped, the sale of electric vehicles has risen during COVID-19 with many motorists making the switch. There are many models that are selling well right now, including the Tesla 3 with class-leading tech and an eye-catching design. There were 34,783 registrations in 2021 making it one of the most popular cars available. If you plan on getting a new car whether it’s petrol or electric, you need to make sure that you have the right level of insurance in place.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa is consistently one of the best-selling cars in the UK and 2021 was another successful year with a leading 40,914 registrations. Part of the reason for its success is the fact that there are both electric and petrol options, which means that it appeals to a large group.

MINI Cooper

The MINI Cooper remains a firm UK favourite despite its age and in 2021 there were 31,792 new registrations. It is easy to see why as a fun, practical and has excellent handling that makes it a great choice for a city car.

VW Polo & Golf

Both the VW Polo and Golf are also two vehicles that are always in the top selling cars in the UK and it was no different in 2021. Both vehicles are known for their reliability, build quality and comfortable interiors. This makes them a good choice for many different types of motorists and this is reflected in the sales figures with the Polo reaching 30,634 registrations and the Golf reaching 30,240.

Nissan Qashqai

The Nissan Qashqai remains a firm favourite with the SUV trend showing no sign of slowing down in the UK. A great choice for families, the Qashqai reached 29,920 registrations in 2021 and it is becoming an increasingly more common sight on the UK roads. It will be another good year for Nissan with the new hybrid Qashqai that will appeal to eco-conscious motorists not quite ready to make the switch.

These are a few of the most popular cars in the UK right now and all models that performed well despite the difficulties of 2021. These are all vehicles that sell well each year and this shows how UK motorists are investing in cars that they know that they can rely on.