The RevoZport Ferrari LaFerrari Revoluzion aerokit

January 4, 2019 By Mike
Last updated on February 8, 2019

The Ferrari LaFerrari Hybrid complete with custom made RevoZport Revoluzion Aero Kit

A combination of technical achievement and performance

The LaFerrari needs few superlatives. It is one of Ferrari’s most ambitious projects, pushing the boundaries of technology for a road car. It gathers together the marque’s greatest technical capabilities from both GT and Formula 1 engineering, delivering the highest performance ever reached by a production Ferrari. And yet, the cause is noble.

The silhouette and proportions of the car are a natural product of its architecture which when viewed from the front and sides, displays a sharply downward-sloping nose that emphasizes the muscular fenders, echoing the glorious Ferrari sports prototypes.

Custom designed as a one off on behalf of client from the Middle East.The creative team at RevoZportknew that with the addition of any further aero dynamics not only would they need to keep things subtle and elegant, so as not to take away from the original architecture of the car. Any such additions would also have to make better use of the downforce and aero balance gains.

They would also need to bring out the existing design hues from the original linesof the striking proportions and cutting-edge details. Whilst at the same time remembering the customers brief which was very much about enhancing the existing aerodynamics so allowingthetechnical achievement and performance of the car to stand on their own.

And so after extensive manufactory testing the RevoZport LaFerrari Revoluzion Aero Kit was developed.

Created from a combination of reverse engineering along with the use of innovative active aerodynamics. Each hand made Carbon Fibre component needed to be the perfect balance of form & function. Each was sculptured to create a harmony between style and technology. And of course each piece needed to enhance the existing aerodynamic structureby delivering further increased; downforce, minimized drag and additional increased coolingintakes for the mighty V12 engine.

The final kit was created in a gloss Black Carbon Fibre finish so as to compliment the ‘Ferrari Red’. The kit features a number of additional components, including;Vented Engine Cover, Extended Double Bladed Rear Wing, Rear Upper Bumper Cover with Lower Diffuser – which includes wrapping the existing Tail Pipes and Wind Tunnel. Vented Side Skirts, Front Bumper Canards & Splitter. Plus Carbon mirror covers.

The finished car exceeded the customer’s expectations and once again demonstrated RevoZport ability to deliver lifestyle solutions that make automotive dreams come true.