The Most Useful Features of New Car Models That Improve Road Safety

May 11, 2022 By Mike
Last updated on May 11, 2022

There have been many truly remarkable developments in-car technology in recent times, especially when it comes to safety features. Some of the features that are available on new cars are incredibly helpful and save lives around the world each day. This post will look at a few of the most useful features on new car models that help to improve road safety for all.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

Perhaps the most impressive and useful safety feature to emerge in recent times is automatic emergency braking. This is a feature that constantly scans the road ahead and is capable of applying the brakes in an emergency if the driver does not take action. This can either help to avoid a compulsion completely or greatly reduce the impact – this can help to save lives. The Vauxhall Crossland is a vehicle with excellent AEB complete with pedestrian protection.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Many motorists get involved in an accident because of their blind spots, which causes them to pull out or change lines at the wrong time. Blind-spot monitoring is an alarm system that will sound when there is an object in your blind spot, which will help you to pull out at the right time and avoid endangering yourself and other road users.

Lane Departure Warning

Sometimes, it can be easy to drift within your lane and this can be dangerous. Lane departure warning alerts users with a visual or auditory alarm when they start to drift and get towards the edge of their lane, which will help you to stay in your lane at all times and avoid an accident.

Parking Sensors

Do you have trouble with parking? You are not alone in this, with parking being the hardest part of driving for many people. It can also be dangerous and is easy to cause damage to your vehicle as well as the vehicle that you are parking between. Fortunately, this is made much easier with the use of parking sensors that let you know how close you are to the nearest object behind you. Some cars also have a rear-facing camera so that you do not have to crane your neck to see behind you and there are even some cars that are able to automatically park themselves.

These are a few of the most useful modern features that you get on most new cars that can improve road safety and make driving easier and safer for all. There have been some amazing developments in recent times, but the above are a few of the most useful tech developments that are used by drivers and help to prevent accidents and even save lives each day.