The M4 Convertible (G83) and M4 Coupé (G82) by AC Schnitzer

March 4, 2022 By Mike
Last updated on March 4, 2022

Power and elegance need not be mutually exclusive – the M4 Convertible (G83) and the M4 Coupé (G82) by AC Schnitzer prove this in an impressive way. Since its introduction, the BMW 4 series has stood for the combination of incomparable aesthetics and sporting dynamism. And since the Aachen-based company AC Schnitzer started 35 years ago, tuning fans have known that there is further potential beyond the series.

The AC Schnitzer performance upgrades (incl. up to 4-year warranty and homologation certificate) take the BMW M4 Competition with 375 kW/510 hp/650 Nm in Step I to 434 kW/590 hp/750 Nm and in Step II with silencer system even to 449 kW/610 hp/750 Nm. Even when stationary, the AC Schnitzer engine optics indicate that this M4 delivers performance with outstanding light-footedness and elasticity.

Matching the performance upgrade, both M4 from AC Schnitzer are given a well audible timbre by the exhaust system in stainless steel and two “Carbon Sport” tailpipes each in right/left combination (4 pieces – Ø 110 mm).

For purely visual conversion, the AC Schnitzer Carbon “Sport” tailpipes are also available (Ø 110 mm) solo.

Flexible, infinitely variable settings are possible with the AC Schnitzer RS coilover suspension in both rebound and compression (low speed and high speed) including front/rear lowering of approx. 30 – 40 mm. Sporty driving, high agility and increased driving safety are therefore guaranteed.

The AC Schnitzer spring kit, which is also available, lowers the M4 by approx. 15 – 20 mm compared to the standard suspension and also noticeably improves the driving dynamics due to the lower vehicle centre of gravity.

Two different sets of wheels from AC Schnitzer fit in the wheel housings of the Convertible and Coupé. The AC3 Lightweight Forged Wheels (Silver/Anthracite or Anthracite/Silver, (optional: glossy black paint) with 10.0J x 20″ at the front (tyres 285/30 R 20) and 10.0J x 20″ at the rear (tyres 295/30 R 20) or the AC1 Light Alloy Wheels (BiColor Silver/Anthracite or Anthracite, (optional:glossy black paint) with front 10.0J x 20″ (tyres 285/30 R 20) and rear 10.0J x 20″ (tyres 295/30 R 20) are available as a choice when it comes to putting the standard vehicle on exceptional feet and ensuring contact with the ground in all driving situations.

Exclusive dimensions of dynamic driving pleasure are made possible by AC Schnitzer aerodynamic components for the M4 models. The AC Schnitzer front splitter (additional downforce: + 40 kg*) and the front side wings combine fast cornering with maximum control. The AC Schnitzer design package with deflector set for the front wings (4 pieces) and design elements for the bonnet (2 pieces) as well as the AC Schnitzer side skirt protection show that even when the car is stationary, you can always rely on traction. ­

For the Coupé, AC Schnitzer also offers a carbon “Racing” rear wing with an additional downforce of +50 kg* and a Gurney Flap for this same carbon “Racing” rear wing, which raises downforce again from +50* to +70 kg*.

Also available exclusively for the Coupé is the AC Schnitzer carbon rear spoiler which provides +20 kg* additional downforce. The AC Schnitzer rear roof spoiler completes the range.

(*all values measured with M4 Coupé at 200 km/h)

The M4 Convertible by AC Schnitzer can also benefit from some other exceptional tuning elements: carbon rear diffuser, rear skirt protection foil, AC Schnitzer emblems (left and right) are also available to fresh air fans.

The interior design of the M4 models is also stylish and functional. “THE” control element, with which you have every driving situation firmly under control, is the AC Schnitzer sports steering wheel. The steering wheel rim of the steering wheel is made in a fine material mix of perforated nappa leather in black with black Alcantara. Both is joined into one unit by a light grey cross-stitch seam. With recessed grips on the right and left for the driver’s thumbs and the light grey motorsport indicator with AC Schnitzer logo for centre marking, orientation of the current steering wheel position is assured.

For both Coupé and Convertible: exclusive design and high quality interior are a must for such a vehicle! AC Schnitzer aluminium gearshift paddles, aluminium pedals, aluminium footrest, aluminium cover “Black Line” for i-Drive System Controller and the aluminium keyholder make it clear from the moment you get in that very special moments of driving pleasure are to be expected.