The LIGHTWEIGHT Performance Z4 R

June 5, 2020 By Mike
Last updated on June 5, 2020

LIGHTWEIGHT Performance finds scope in the current Z4 G29

It is no longer a secret that BMW is currently not planning a “real” M version of the current Z4 G29. The Z4 M40i M Performance remains the top model.

The performance tuning specialists from LIGHTWEIGHT Performance, who have been working with the sports department of the vehicle manufacturer BMW for 10 years, are not necessarily sad. On the contrary – they know which screws to turn to convert the base vehicle to the LW Z4 R and raise it to an equal M level.

The complete tuning program for the Z4 G29 looks like this:

Tuner LIGHTWEIGHT Performance from Sinn increases the performance of the M40i with 400 HP and 570 Nm tested by TÜV and with the included Vmax increase the 300 km / h mark. The additional punch is immediately noticeable and increases the addiction factor of the 3 liter B58 engine. Thanks to Turbo!

The additionally installed LIGHTWEIGHT aerodynamics, which consist of a carbon front spoiler and carbon rear spoiler, is not only intended for the top model. The technical function – i.e. increased downforce on the front and rear axles is guaranteed on all models. Visually, it blends harmoniously into the overall appearance of the LW Z4 R. A carbon rear diffuser is currently in preparation.

What identifies a real M model? Of course – a 4 pipe exhaust system! Now we are already at the core competence of the company LIGHTWEIGHT Performance, which was known for the first years as LIGHTWEIGHT Titanauspuffanlagen and still is.

In the Z4, however, the material stainless steel was deliberately chosen for the rear silencer, since the resonance vibrations fit the B58 / Roadster better than titanium. The tuner from Sinn attaches great importance to the sound development and does not forget the suitability for everyday use and the wishes of the TÜV. Thanks to the standard driving experience switch, the flap control allows a Comfort / Sport Plus / Sport Individual position.

The finish of the tailpipes is selectable; there is a variant with 4x black matte tailpipes or 4x carbon finish.

LIGHTWEIGHT also offers a downpipe with ECE approval for the M40i, which has a performance-enhancing and thermally relieving effect and can still be legally used in combination with the silencer.

As the business area has been expanded, as a result of years of intensive cooperation in the suspension area with the Bilstein brand, it is not surprising that the LW Z4 R has a prototype suspension, which can be adjusted in tension and compression, with a LIGHTWEIGHT setup. The suspension will be available in summer, until then LIGHTWEIGHT will offer a spring set that lowers the suspension by approx. 15 mm without reducing comfort too much.

However, this is not all that has been changed at LIGHTWEIGHT in the suspension area. Through intensive research, it became apparent that the camber correction bearings offered by BMW fit the driving behavior and the setup aimed by LIGHTWEIGHT very positively.

Also, the wheel / tire combination seems to have never been there in the tuning area, but from various manufacturers already in the series or with special models such as the M4 GTS. All development and driving tests with the 9×20 “255/30/20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on the front axle and the 10.5×21” with 295/25/21 mounted on the rear axle show a plus in driving dynamics.

Last but not least, the brake system, pads and brake hoses as well as the interior were upgraded with a LIGHTWEIGHT aluminum pedal set and floor mats.

The LIGHTWEIGHT team helps to minimize the need for an M version. Anyone who has driven the LIGHTWEIGHT Z4 R helps to forget!