Terry Grant and Caterham run rings around challengers

August 10, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 1, 2015

Terry Grant and Caterham run rings around challengers posted on 07 September 2011

Terry Grant and Caterham run rings around challengers

Stunt driver Terry Grant has teamed up with Caterham Cars to secure the Guinness World Record for the number of donuts completed in a car – less than 24 hours after a pretender to his throne set a new target.

Grant has held the world record three times before, but was miffed to discover that a rival car manufacturer had been invited to beat his existing record of 161 donuts in his own stunt arena.

Having graciously allowed the rival to set a new record of 283 donuts at Silverstone’s Trax event on Sunday, Grant recruited Caterham and its legendary Seven sportscar, famed for its lightweight frame and perfectly intuitive handling.

On Monday, less than a full day after a new benchmark was set, Grant trounced it by spinning one of Caterham’s 150bhp Roadsport models 566 times non-stop – double that achieved on Sunday.

The record-breaking effort took 40 minutes and tested the limits of the Avon rear tyres fitted to the Seven.

Grant said: “I couldn’t believe it when I was told that someone was going to come into my own arena and take my record off me. And Westfield said they weren’t just going to beat it by a little bit – they came right out and said they were going to try to double my existing record.

“I wasn’t very pleased about that – there are unwritten rules about the game of beating records. Typically, you beat the record by just a bit so that you’re allowing someone else to have a go next. I wouldn’t normally try and beat their record by so much but, because of the way they went about this, I’ve been forced into this situation.

“There’s been no messing about today, we just got on and did it. The car was perfect – I think if we had to do 1000 donuts, we would have been able to, although it was getting a bit monotonous by the end.”

Caterham Cars sales and marketing director, Andy Noble, said: “We’ve known Terry for years and it was hilarious to hear about his guerrilla plan to win back his rightful place as the record-holder. We were only too pleased to provide him with the tools he needed to achieve it.”

The paperwork to make the new record official has already been submitted and the formalities to hand Terry the record are underway. Grant dedicated his achievement to British karting supremo, Martin Hines, who passed away just over a week earlier.

To watch Terry taking back his Guinness World Record at Santa Pod, visit Caterham’s YouTube channel in the next few days. http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialCaterhamUK

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