Southeast Shines For Singer Vehicle Design

March 13, 2017 By Mike Lee
Last updated on March 13, 2017

Singer 911 Miami Commission
Two Florida-based Commissions from Singer are displayed at Amelia Island Concours

Singer Vehicle Design returned to the Amelia Island Concours, March 10-12, 2017 for a second year. Two unique customer commissions that reside in the Southeast are on display.  Both the Miami and Florida commissions are recent examples of Singer’s work blending historical 911 DNA with unique perspectives and the bleeding edge of modern automotive dynamic ability. Each is a love letter to a golden air-cooled era.

As the success of the brand continues to grow on a global level, Singer has broadened its client base in North America. A number of east coast commissions have been recently delivered to owners from Toronto and Boston, down to Atlanta and Florida.  The two Florida-based cars invited to Amelia Island demonstrate the extent to which the client’s personal vision impacts the nature of the collaboration with Singer.

“Our owners’ tastes and special wishes are what makes every commission unique and exciting,” says Rob Dickinson, founder and creator of Singer Vehicle Design.  “The best part of the journey remains the relationship we build with our customers from day one and throughout the entire process and beyond – it’s like creating a masterpiece with their own personality at the heart.”

With more than 60 restorations delivered globally since 2009, the company maintains a bond with each owner – many of whom have become brand ambassadors.  Dickinson notes that the company’s incredible customers are passionately obsessive in what they seek and every aspect of the car must reflect that same fanatical level of attention to detail their owners envision.

The Miami commission is the first restoration by Singer to include a sunroof – perfectly camouflaged within its Light Ivory exterior.  The vehicle has a touring style, complete with 4-way adjustable touring seats sporting brass grommets and folding rear seats — wrapped in warm chocolate brown leather weave interior with alabaster stitching.  The black leather dash complements piano black front seatbacks, while all interior panels remain in chocolate brown leather.  Externally, the aluminium fuel center-fill and external oil filler add to the distinctive appeal, along with white nickel wheel barrels, racing red calipers and nickel bumperettes.

The Florida commission returns to Amelia Island following an authoritative role in the 2016 Sun Valley Road Rally, where its owner personally drove this 4-liter, 390hp machine in the ‘no speed limit’ charity event and reached 176.2 mph along a closed area 2-mile stretch.  The Hemingway Blue, Florida commission has a leather interior in sand beige with a suede mix weave and alabaster stitching.  Outside, Bahama Yellow lettering and matching calipers, as well as white nickel wheel barrels and wheel centers, finish off the polished yet aggressive stance of a gentleman’s racecar for the road.

Both vehicles are fitted with bespoke Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes and Michelin tires, along with a 4-liter, flat six air-cooled engine, specially developed for Singer by famed Ed Pink Racing Engines. The unique sound of a big-hearted, normally-aspirated flat-six, working its way through a precisely honed six-speed gearbox and making big power at high rpm is an intrinsic part of the emotional experience.

Singer Vehicle Design was founded in 2009 and has, from the outset, pursued the philosophy that “Everything is Important.” Combining our own unique perspective with our clients’ sources of inspiration, each vehicle is a unique commission, which is Restored, Reimagined and Reborn over more than four-thousand hours of work. More than sixty commissions have now been completed for Porsche owners in markets such as Hong Kong, Russia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, the UK and of course, the US.