Revozport R-Zentric Model 3S ‘Strasse’ Aero Kit

January 28, 2019 By Mike
Last updated on February 8, 2019


After the hugely successful release of the RevoZport R-Zentric wide-body Model 3R Aero Kit that was created to deliver the very maximum in aerodynamic traction and grip. RevoZport continues to dominate the Tesla Model 3 aero kit market with the launch of their brand new ‘Strasse” (Street) R-Zentric Model 3S Aero Kit.

The ‘Strasse or Street version of the Model 3S Aero Kit has taken and developed further many of the traits and characteristics of the original Model 3R kit. In the sense that each custom designed component has been created only after extensive research and using the very latest state of the art manufacturing processes to deliver the very highest quality standards.

Each component is hand made from Carbon Kevlar Composite to deliver a breathtaking mix of design, art & technology that enhances the overall look and feel of the car and total body refinement.

Whilst at the same time ensuring that the advanced aerodynamic styling of the kit delivers leading edge levels of power delivery particularly when cornering so making sure that maximum traction is continuously maintained.

The brand new Model 3S ‘Strasse’ Aero Kit comes with a number of performance innovations, including;

• Front add-on Splitter with front air damns underneath to provide better airflow
and uniquely designed side uprights that also do the same.
• Side Skirts
• Rear Bumper Skirts
• Rear Diffuser
• Trunk Lip Spoiler
Created exclusively for the Tesla Model 3, the brand new R-Zentric Model 3S ‘Strasse’

Aero Kit only services to compliment the original Model 3R kit further by making it very much ‘the’ second hottest Tesla Aero Kit currently developed by the RevoZport design team.

This is the very latest Tesla release from the RevoZport design studio and is ready to take order now. Delivery is scheduled for Mid-March 2019 and price approx. US$5500. It will be available in a choice of Gloss or Matt finishes and an exclusive RevoZport Forged Carbon finish.