PRIOR-DESIGN Wide body kit for the Porsche Taycan

August 19, 2020 By Mike
Last updated on August 19, 2020

Porsche’s four-door all-electric sports car gets a ferocious appearance Tune an electric car? You can’t do that – or at least nobody would want to. Right? Wrong! It certainly is possible – absolutely! Focusing on spectacular looks and exceptional performance, the Porsche Taycan is anything but a boring eco-mobile. Rather, it exemplifies the perfect platform for a vehicle simply predestined for tuning. And this idea energized Prior-Design, too.

Led by the company’s owner, accomplished head designer Andreas Belzek, the internationally renowned team from Kamp-Lintfort skillfully identified and then turned the adjusting screws needed to give this e-vehicle from Stuttgart a unique appearance, one that’s even more muscular and brutish. Accordingly, the Taycan now definitively reaches star status and is guaranteed to turn heads wherever it appears.

Prior-Design has tailored a spectacular wide body kit for the vehicle – needless to say, its main components include flared fenders with the front ones featuring huge integrated air intakes. This sees the Porsche gain 60 millimeters at the front and an enormous 100 millimeters at the rear axle! The front also gets a spoiler extension, air intake frame and lateral cup fenders. A set of matching side skirts complement the new width between the axles and a glance at the back reveals yet another breathtaking highlight, where in addition to a prominent diffuser, a large fixed motorsport wing sits enthroned on the trunk lid.

All the body kit’s components can be made of high-quality carbon on request. Incidentally, a non-wide body version without flared fenders will be available very soon for drivers who want Prior to tune their Taycan slightly less conspicuously.

To ensure the significantly enlarged wheel arches are filled to their full capacity, Prior-Design is additionally sitting the Taycan on a set of its own PD3 forged rims. Measuring 22 inches, the multi-piece design features five double spokes.

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