May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 4, 2015

Qvale LogoBrief History About Qvale

Qvale was founded in 2000 in Italy by Kjell Qvale and his son Bruce Qvale.

Qvale was contacted by De Tomaso who needed a business partner to help finance and build the De Tomaso Biguà (later changed to Mangusta). However the relationship between De Tomaso and Qvale was short lived and just as the cars were being delivered, they parted ways. Qvale took over the factory, but had to replace the De Tomaso badges with Qvale ones at the request of Alejandro de Tomaso.

In 2000 Qvale approached the MG Rover Group to see if they were interested in helping setup a European distribution network for the Mangusta. However negotiations actually turned to the MG Rover Group wanting to purchase the rights to the Mangusta from Qvale for a project and in 2003 they did so and created the MG SV/SVR from some of the developments of the Mangusta.

Qvale Mangusta
Mangusta 2000-2002