May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on January 17, 2019

Marlin LogoBrief History About Marlin

Marlin was founded in 1979 in England by Paul Moorhouse (an ex-Rolls Royce engineer) as Marlin Engineering.

Paul had previously built cars for himself and then decided that he would build them in kit form for resale, with the first car being the Marlin Roadster.

One feature that Marlin developed was the innovative roll-over bar windscreen frame combination, that is used on many cars today. In fact Marlin’s classic looking cars have always be built with the latest components and engineering ideas.

During the 90’s Marlin was sold to Terry and Mark Matthews, who built the companies first turnkey production car, the Hunter, followed by the Sportster in 1997 and Makaira in 1998.

With steady growth and sales, Marlin have established themselves as a specialist car company with excellent experience and craftsmanship, always looking to build and supply in kit, fun and exciting cars.

Marlin Sportster

Marlin 5EXi
5EXi 2006 on