GTM Cars

May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on January 16, 2019

GTM LogoBrief History About GTM

GTM Cars was founded in 1967 in England by Bernard Cox and Jack Hosker.

The pair built a mini based Ferrari Dino style car, that became popular and ended up building 50 of these kits in the first year. But then Bernard decided to quit.

The company was then taken over by Howard Heeray, who built quite a few more of the kits. The kits also changed overtime, until in 1972 Howard was forced to also quit.

GTM was then sold to a fibreglass company in 1972, who did nothing with it and then sold it to KMB Autosports in 1976, who just made spares for the existing cars.

In 1980 GTM was bought by Peter Beck and Paddy Fitch, who created over time, the GTM Coupe, GTM Rossa, GTM Libra and Spyder. They were quite successful and popularised the GTM kits, but eventually sold the company to RDM Group in 2003, who despite creating a few prototypes, ended up just carrying on selling the Libra and Spyder.

In 2007 GTM was bought by Potenza Sports Cars, owners of Westfield Sportscars, who also had good intentions for GTM, but again have unfortunately not done anything with the brand since.

GTM Libra
Libra 1998-2010