Farbio Sports Cars

May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 4, 2015

Farbio LogoBrief History About Farbio Sports Cars

Farbio Sports Cars was founded in 2005 in the UK by Chris Marsh. Chris wanted to build a well priced sports cars and acquired the rights to the Farboud GTS car from Arash Motor Company, who had been working on the car since 2002.

Originally Arash had planned for the car to be a top end supercar, with a matching price tag of £170,000, however Chris decided that with cheaper and easier to get parts and development, would mean more car sales and a much reduced price tag of between £60,000-£72,000. Arash however did take shares in the project and Chris got on with building the car.

The car got some good reviews, such that Ginetta approached Chris and a deal was struck for the purchase of Farbio Sports Cars. Farbio Sports Cars was now part of Ginetta and continued working and developing the GTS from 2010-2011, only now it was named the Ginetta F400. Subsequently the F400 then led to the development of the Ginetta G60.

Farbio GTS
GTS 2007-2010