May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 4, 2015

Cisitalia LogoBrief History About Cisitalia

Cisitalia was founded in 1946 in Italy by Piero Dusio. Cisitalia comes from the first letters of Compagnia, Industriale, Sportiva and then added to this is Italia’. The company produced sports and race cars using many Fiat parts.

The lightweight and innovative construction of the cars meant they were very competitive and had much success in racing. In 1947 the 202 was built and with a design by Pinin Farina showed the world just how much cars could become a work of art. In 1948 Piero then had ideas to build a Grand Prix car and working alongside Abarth, Porsche and a few others, built the Cisitalia GP racing car, which unfortunately despite being probably the one of the best race cars to be built at the time, ruined and bankrupt Cisitalia in 1949.

Cisitalia was then taken over by Piero’s son Carlo Dusio a year or so later, who continued with building the 202 until 1952. After this not much seemed to happen, although an attempt to built the 203 was made, plus a few other smaller cars, until the company finally came to rest in 1963.

Cisitalia 202
202 1947-1952