Omologato Hails Another Of The Greatest Names In Motorsport With The Limited-Edition Can-Am Chronograph

August 17, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 17, 2016

Limited-edition Can-Am Chronograph
Omologato is honouring one of the greatest racing series of all time, with the stunning, limited-edition Can-Am Chronograph. It launched to critical acclaim, with its impact resulting in a record day for sales for the British watchmaker.

The Can-Am (Canadian-American) series ran for more than 20 years, from 1966 to 1987, and was notable for its open approach and lack of restrictions that made for exhilarating racing, which attracted fans from all around the world. It featured huge names from the world of racing, with cars from McLaren, Porsche and Lola being driven by the likes of Bruce McLaren, Denis Hulme, Geoff Brabham, Jacky Ickx and John Surtees.

Can-Am was renowned for allowing teams a great degree of flexibility, permitting unrestricted engine sizes and the use of turbochargers and superchargers, plus it placed little limitations on aerodynamics. So long as a car had two seats, had bodywork enclosing the wheels and met safety standards, it was allowed. This approach is as close to ‘anything goes’ as a major international series has got, and is ever likely to get.

The new Omologato Can-Am Chronograph is the latest in a line of watches that pays tribute to the biggest names in the history of motorsport, with the British watchmaker having recently created specials honouring the likes of Le Mans, Silverstone, Shelsey Walsh and the racing team that catapulted James Hunt to fame, Hesketh.

This latest piece takes its inspiration from the series and looks to reflect the unrestricted simplicity of the cars and the racing.

This means the watch takes a clean approach to its styling, while featuring colours and design elements that are influenced by several of the iconic cars that competed.

The bright orange of the McLaren M8F, as driven by Bruce McLaren, lends a splash of colour to the watch face and the numbers on the dial. These raised numbers are picked out in a font that is inspired by those on the cars from the era, and feature chrome side detailing. The cream on the arms and the notches comes from the speedometers in the Lola.

This influence extends to the 22mm-wide Italian grain black leather strap, which is perforated to emulate the seats from the McLaren M8F.

Made out of stainless steel, the robust case is 45.5mm in diameter, while the face is finished with mineral glass.

Because the Omologato Can-Am Chronograph is strictly limited to just 200, every owner will be getting a truly unique timepiece. Each one will feature a number etched onto the reverse of the face. Owners will be in esteemed company, too, as notable figures from the world of motorsport, such as commentator Henry Hope Frost and journalist racers Andrew Frankel and Richard Meaden, have placed their orders already.

Omologato founder Shami Kalra said: “In the modern world of motorsport, we are unlikely to ever see anything like the unrestricted and thrilling Can-Am series ever again. It was an evocative and enthralling championship thanks to both the drivers and the iconic cars they raced.

“The Omologato Cam-Am Chronograph takes inspiration from all of these and pays tribute to a wonderful era of motor racing. Securing the rights to work with historic names such as Can-Am is a real privilege, and it allows us to delve deeper into the heritage of these wonderful series.”

The Omologato Cam-Am Chronograph is available for £289, plus P&P, and can be bought from the Omologato website.