Acrylic Number Plates

April 13, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on July 28, 2015

Acrylic number plates have been around for sometime now, we believe since 1973, having replaced the old metal pressed plates. The reason for it’s introduction was to have a reflective plate that could be seen at night when the cars were not lit (parked by the side of the road for example).

1. Standard Number Plate (Maximum of 7 digits)
Standard Number Plate

2. Standard 4×4 Number Plate

Rear 4x4

Front 4x4

3. Large Rear Number Plate (Jaguar/Porsche etc)
Note: with Standard front plate

Large Plates

Font styles for 1st September 2001 onwards
Click Here For more info on 1st September 2001 onwards number plates
Fonts must be in the prescribed Charles Wright font which measures 79mm high x 50mm wide.

Font Styles
Standard            Hi-Line               Carbon               3D