Number Plates

April 7, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on November 26, 2021

Number Plates have become big business and a form of personalization for your vehicle.

The first registration number was issued in 1903, that being A1, issued by London County Council to Mr Earl Russell.

If you are looking for personalised plates, (also known as private plates, cherished numbers and personal car registration numbers), whether to match your name, personal meaning or vehicle, you can find many companies with thousands of registrations for sale from under £100 going up to many £1000’s.

Personalizing Your Car
Personalising your car with a dateless or well put together set of numbers or letters could well be the ultimate accessory for your car.

From the rich and famous to people like myself, personalised registrations can make your car standout in the crowd.

Number4          Number1

Just remember, you cannot put a newer British registration mark on your car for obvious reasons, although you can put older ones on if you wish. Also spacing and altering of the letters and numbers must comply with the correct format. Alternatively you can also get stylised number plates for your car, such as 3D Gel Number Plates, alternatively known as 3D domed gel number plates or 3D gel resin number plates, are made by covering sheet cut characters with a polyurethane gel resin, giving them the raised profile from the number plate.

Take a look at the various companies selling registration marks and remember to read their terms. Don’t forget there is a transfer fee and any registrations purchased has to be registered by a certain time limit from their purchase date or you will have to pay for the admin fees again. Some companies will also find a registration number for you based on your chosen letters/numbers.

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