MTM Bentley Continental Speed 8

September 11, 2017 By Mike Lee
Last updated on September 11, 2017

MTM Bentley Continental Speed Eight
Bentley Continental breaks loose in MTM style – king-sized, powerful and top quality

The Bentley automobile has traditionally mastered every manner of locomotion; it can be driven majestically on tiptoes or deliver a thunderous roar from its 8- or 12-cylinder power-plant. It can slink along the boulevards or shatter the competition on the racetrack. The reputation of this grand marque is based on sporting elegance – a quality that is often claimed by other 5-seat touring models, but never more surely than by Bentley.

This is a sound platform for the experts at MTM to weave their magic. As Roland Mayer, CEO of MTM puts it, “Once more we have used proven tuning methods to make a great product even more desirable”.

At first sight the latest MTM creation satisfies every requirement. In the hands of the expert engineers, the power of the 507PS (528 PS) V-8 engine has been increased significantly to 772PS. The 265 PS power hike is achieved through a special ECU, modified turbochargers and induction plumbing supplemented by high-performance catalysts, fuel pumps and underpinned by an MTM warranty.

This power translates into a 0-62 mph time of 3.2 seconds, with 125 mph showing on the clock a mere 7 seconds later, and a maximum speed of nearly 205 mph. This substantial vehicle also has to be brought to a standstill at some point and this is handled by MTM Carbon Ceramic brakes with massive 420×40 mm and Brembo 6-pot callipers in front. The stylish Bimoto wheels are available in either 10.5×21 or 10×20 sizes. An F-Cantronic ECU controls the air suspension and permits a truly sporty handling set-up without impinging too much on the comfort that Bentley drivers appreciate.

The arrival of the Bentley Birkin Speed Eight should not go unannounced amongst the hubbub of traffic and the MTM engineers have developed a couple of ingenious solutions involving either a complete exhaust system with exhaust valves or a back-box-only solution with exhaust valves. The simpler variant costs €5,000 and helps to release more power. In this guise the car truly emphasises the MTM motto of “Sporting, Super, Superior”.

The Birkin Speed Eight derives its name from one of the former “Bentley Boys” of the “Thunder” days of the marque. Sir Tim Birkin was an enthusiastic and courageous driver of Bentleys in the 1920’s, who once lapped the 4.4 km banked Brooklands circuit at an average speed of 136 mph.

675 PS Details: 2017 Bentley Continetal GT Birkin Speed Eight 675 PS

772 PS Details: 2017 Bentley Continetal GT Birkin Speed Eight 772 PS