MOT Checklist & Expert tips for passing MOT in Stirling

November 13, 2019 By Mike
Last updated on November 13, 2019

If you drive a car, you must be familiar with the term “MOT” No matter how much you want to procrastinate; you ultimately have to get your vehicle tested. Number one reason for this is that it is unlawful to drive a car without a MOT certificate. It doesn’t end here, your road tax won’t be renewed until your vehicle has MOT declaration. So now when we have established the fact that MOT is undeniable, let’s take the example of a local place like Stirling. Now, according to Daily Record the new speed limit for around 150 streets in Stirling will be limited to 20mph or even less. So all drivers have to change their driving behavior and conform to the 20 mph zone. For effectively doing that, you need to be sure of your vehicle health and good news is, if you have the testing done from an authentic provider, the durability of your car will improve. You can follow these tips before going in for MOT:

#1) Your car has to be squeaky clean

An MOT examiner can refuse to test your vehicle if there is a lot of clutter and your car is messy. You have to ensure that your car is properly clean – from inside to outside.

#2) Check the functionality of your lights

With the new speed limit, you don’t want to have a bad vision while driving at night. In order to see clearly your lights have to work fine and this will help you out at the time of testing too. So if you have a friend who can help you with inspecting lights, call them so you are 100% sure.

#3) Is your MOT tester the right choice?

You should always run a thorough background check on your MOT tester because their certification and skill set is very important. Book your MOT in an area like Stirling from Fife Autocentre’s site. Professional testing centres make sure that no time is wasted and they never ask you for unnecessary repairs just to make extra money.

# Are the doors opening?

You need to make sure that car doors are opening and shutting properly because that can be an issue at the time of examination.