Maserati Levante Shtorm by Larte Design

April 5, 2018 By Mike Lee
Last updated on April 5, 2018

Maserati Levante Shtorm by Larte Design
Art has long ceased to be something fanciful, remote from society. Cultures of different spheres unite and mix! For example, architects of the late 19th century drew inspiration from sketches and designs of the first cars. The buildings were built with lines and shapes used by designers in the development of new projects of machines. And vice versa, the design bureaus of autoconcerns used the ideas of architects of their time. Many buildings of the 20th century in the US, France, Germany and Russia were built on the basis of conceptual ideas for the design of car bureaus and took into account the progress and rapid growth in the popularity of cars.

Today new cars leave the conveyor more often than we manage to read about them on the Internet. Concerns adopt each other’s ideas, lines and forms of the body, headlights and other elements. The last trend in the hairdresser’s art was the addition and separation of differently shaped lines in hairstyles! All these ideas do not give rest and awaken the minds of different generations and find responses in completely different spheres.

Tuning studio LARTE Design aspires to be in the center of events, follows trends in its industry, and in general tries to be in the topic of the latest novelties in different spheres.

Atelier creates his masterpieces – first on paper, then in a mock-up studio, and so on the output a finished product is obtained – the fruit of the inspiration and efforts of a large team, where at each stage the features of the source material and form are taken into account, a new one is added and certain features of the car are emphasized. And as a result, you get complex elements, elegant lines, in general creating harmonious images.

In this photo session, we aimed to show not only a unique project for the development of the Italian crossover, but also to demonstrate the uniqueness of the combination of black and white, gloss and matte materials.

The list of parts:

Front bumper onlay LV-LR-001.06
Rear bumper diffuser LV-LR-002.02
Front bumper splitter LV-LR-001.07
Tailpipes LV-LR-112.00
Door moldings (L) LV-LR-006.05
Door moldings (R) LV-LR-006.06
Front fenders onlay (L) LV-LR-006.07
Front fenders onlay (R) LV-LR-006.08
Left front arch LV-LR-008.01
Right front arch LV-LR-008.02
Left rear arch LV-LR-008.03
Right rear arch LV-LR-008.04
Right front bumper overlay LV-LR-001.01
Left front bumper overlay LV-LR-001.02
Mirror overlays right / left LV-LR-009.01/02
Trunk lid spoiler LV-LR-005.00


Hood overlay LV-LR-010.00

An immediately eye-catching highlight is the spectacular carbon fiber overlay on the hood. The aggressive design continues with carbon shielings, fiercely protruding around the air intakes under the radiator grille. The defying impression of the car is supported by the front pumper pad with its additional splitter. These parts favourably emphasise Maserati’s proud trident logo, which is an allusion to the god Neptune, the lord of the sea. Moreover, LARTE presents remarkable overlays for the front and rear wheel arches as well as impressive side skirts and harpoon-like overlays around the fender air intakes. Finally, the tuning company also offers carbon mirror covers.

The aggressive appearance of the all carbon LARTE’s rear bumper diffuser is complemented by new tailor-made alluminum tailpipes. As an option, they are also available as a twin-pipe carbon version. The final chord of this elegant and muscular tuning symphony is the trunk lid spoiler.