Marc Philipp Gemballa continues the legacy of Uwe Gemballa

February 26, 2020 By Mike
Last updated on February 26, 2020

Launching his own brand during Geneva Motor Show, exactly ten years after his father’s passing. 

About Marc Philipp Gemballa
With the new founded company MARC PHILIPP GEMBALLA GmbH (2018), Uwe Gemballa’s 26-year-old son Marc Philipp continues the legacy, launching his very first own project in 2020, exactly ten years after his father’s passing. Born and raised in a sports car-enthusiastic family always being part of by his father’s passion and client relations, Marc Philipp has studied economics at the European Business School (EBS University), near Frankfurt am Main, and has gained automotive expertise working for Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche. 

About the Business Opportunity
Coming from building the fastest and most powerful production Porsche cars on the planet and setting more than just one world record on the Nürburgring for more than three decades, now ten years down the road, the market has changed. The horsepower game is over, tuning is done by the OEMS themselves and there is a glut of new upcoming supercars with hyped-up horsepower figures that are being thrown onto the market. Marc Philipp realized when aiming to build a successful company for the next decades and not just creating the next ‘me too’ product for the market, it really comes down to offer something special to the client.

Marc Philipp sees a new market opportunity arising in creating special vehicles in the ultra-high luxury segment, by breaking it down to the core of his father’s success in creating holistic masterpieces and taking that to the next level combined with a new fresh approach, leaving the era of tuning behind, and ultimately achieving a USP position in the market.

About the First Project
More than two years of preparation and development have resulted in the idea of equipping unique people for their adventure, no matter where in the world, no matter what the terrain, no matter what the climate or road conditions. Marc Philipp Gemballa is taking the extreme from on-road to off-road, building his very first super car combined with off-road capabilities in a limited small series run.

Supported by a worldwide network of clients, dealers, suppliers and business partners of his father, Marc Philipp Gemballa is launching his very first own project and continuing his father’s legacy in 2020, exactly ten years later. Partners include Alan Derosier (Design), KW Automotive (Suspensions), Michelin & BF Goodrich (Tyres), Akrapovic (Exhaust Systems), Staud Studios (Brand & Marketing), DS Fasertechnik (Carbon Fiber), and VELA Performance (Engineering). The project is completely funded, and the first client orders have been taken already. The project will be presented for the first time at the beginning of March at a private launch event for selected clients during the Geneva Motor Show 2020.