MANHART CR 600 Mercedes-AMG W205 C 63 S

May 4, 2023 By Mike
Last updated on May 4, 2023

Black power limo with 623 hp and 880 Nm

Family life and a love of high-performance sports cars – does that go together? Of course, no problem at all: various manufacturers have long proven that both criteria can be combined into one vehicle. First and foremost, there are the German M, RS and AMG models. One representative of these family-friendly, high-performance vehicles is the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S of the 205 series, which MANHART Performance from Wuppertal has now given an extensive makeover. The saloon has become the CR 600.

Unlike its current successor, the M177 biturbo V8, which is still under the bonnet, already produces up to 510 hp and 700 Nm in the standard version of the C 63 S. Nevertheless, MANHART naturally explored further potential for increasing performance and put this imaginative optimisation into practice without further ado. As usual, the new model designation already gives an indication of the result: while MANHART has already realised C 63s with even more than 700 hp in the past, the upgrade here is somewhat more restrained. 623 hp and 880 Nm are listed in the data sheet. This was achieved with the help of the MANHART turbo performance kit including MANHART turbocharger upgrades in conjunction with the MANHART intercooler upgrade and a MANHART ECU remapping.

Rounding off the package are MANHART downpipes, optionally in the Race version without catalytic converters or in the Sport version with 200-cell catalytic converters. Both versions come without TÜV and are thus only intended for export. In line with the increased performance, the nine-speed automatic transmission received a software upgrade. And last but not least, the suspension has been optimised including the installation of a heightadjustable MANHART coil spring set by H&R.

In contrast to the usual appearance of MANHART project vehicles, the CR 600 has an unspectacular look: the bodywork does without the typical decor with decorative stripes and lettering and instead presents itself completely in black. This now even includes the characteristic Panamericana radiator grille. The wheels, meanwhile, set the tone with their polished diamond finish: The tried and tested MANHART Concave One rims are bolted to the axles in 9×20 and 10.5×20 inches and are shod with 255/30 and 275/30 Michelin tyres.

The open double-spoke design allows a good view of the sturdy AMG brake system behind it. With the exception of the new paintwork on the callipers including MANHART lettering, it remained in the same standard condition as the interior of the AMG. In both respects, however, individual upgrades are possible on request.

All further facts as well as price and delivery information are available at or directly from the MANHART Performance sales team.

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