LARTE’s Amazing Mercedes GLS SUV

September 21, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on September 21, 2016

LARTE’s Amazing Mercedes GLS SUV
The horseshoe logo is typical of the LARTE Design company, who sells the fastest Swarovski crystals you can imagine. As these “Black Crystals” are attached to a unique tuning car on the basis of the Mercedes GLS, you might rather ask for its horsepower than ask for the gems carats. However, as LARTE is primarily world-famous for its design and only secondary for its engine tunings, they only invited one extra horse, called Simbad, for their latest photo shooting. The stallion is Andreeva Sophia’s riding animal, who is a young Russian dressage rider.

Dressage is considered the most elegant equestrian sport: The rider must demonstrate the horse’s ability to move perfectly, smooth and rhythmic from one gait or position to another and to show total obedience. When performing any exercises, rider and animal have to form a unified whole to exactly meet the requirements of the corresponding program number. In dressage and driving as well, deep harmony and perfect control are important.

The new LARTE Black Crystal does not only follow any command of its driver but also embodies perfect and equilibrated design. The impressing tuning kit features new front and rear bumpers with carbon fibre inserts. Especially the rear of the car has been designed very massive, sporty and aggressive, showing an amazing air diffuser, four extraordinary exhaust pipes and many carbon fibre parts. At the front, the absolutely brand new bumper with masculine lines and a new radiator grill with the famous LARTE horseshow logo will be installed. Moreover, there will be carbon shielded air intakes at the fenders.New side pads are evocative of LARTE Design’s amazing Mercedes GL Black Crystal. Once, the predecessor of the GLS also had a little rendezvous with a riding horse.