KAMM 912c – The lightweight sensation

September 20, 2023 By Mike
Last updated on September 20, 2023
  • The KAMM 912c has taken the world by storm with its lightweight construction, classic looks, outstanding performance, and usability  
  • 912c recently undertook a UK tour over 5 months, attending shows and events as well as undertaking numerous press evaluation drives 
  • Latest press reviews unanimously positive for the 912c, a new car from a brand unveiled just one year ago
  • Entire 2023 build allocation now sold out, with cars heading to the US, Europe, and Australia
  • 2024 build slots now available for latest 912c featuring a full carbon bodyshell

Budapest restomod brand KAMManufaktur creates the 912c, a lightweight, modern interpretation of the iconic 912 sports car. Improving on perfection, without compromise, the KAMM 912c is already a global sensation, just one year after its launch. 

The KAMM ethos is to create lightweight cars designed to be driven. Every classic donor car is beautifully restored to perfection, creating the perfect base template on which to build the KAMM 912c. Steel is replaced with KAMM produced carbon fibre, and an array of bespoke parts are designed and built in-house to create the 912c – every component improving the car, yet retaining a classic look and analogue driving sensation.

KAMM Founder Miklos Kazmer brought the 912c development car to the UK from April-August this year, where it was extensively reviewed by leading UK and European media. Every review heaped praise on the 912c for pure driving enjoyment, lightweight construction, and driver-focused approach – the conclusions confirming the 912c is perfectly suited to fast B-roads and track days whilst retaining daily driver usability with classic style.

The KAMM was also proudly displayed at a number of high-profile events including Goodwood Festival of Speed, numerous Porsche shows, Shelsley Walsh hillclimb and at locations such as Caffeine and Machine and Bicester Heritage. 

Miklos Kazmer picks up the story, “It is important for a new brand like KAMM to be seen, and rather than wait for people to come to us, I prefer to take the car to the enthusiast, throw the doors open and let people have a good look around. Of course, I am always there to discuss the car as needed, and many seem to really appreciate it when the creator of a car is happy to talk people through it. In many instances I am happy to take them for a drive, too.”

During the UK tour, the KAMM 912c covered over 11,000 miles, including being driven to and from the KAMM Headquarters in Budapest. 

Miklos continued, “Driving the car is part of the KAMM ethos. Sure, we could transport the car on a trailer, but the 912c was designed from the outset to be a usable car and what better way to demonstrate that than by driving it all across Europe. Along the way we visited suppliers in Holland, Germany, and Switzerland before driving all over England and Wales, and the car performed faultlessly, undertaking over 20 media evaluations while it was here.” 

Every KAMM 912c is bespoke to the owner, with a vast array of options available when specifying – from a road or race engine tune and bespoke gear ratios to numerous seat choices and unlimited exterior colour options, no two cars will be alike. The unique specification, and KAMMs insistence of fully restoring each and every donor car, means just four examples will be built annually and KAMM is delighted to announce the entire 2023 build allocation has now been sold. 

“When you launch a new car, from a new brand, you always hope others like it as much as you do” said Miklos, “to have such a great reaction from press and enthusiasts was humbling, and we are delighted to have sold all four build slots allocated for 2023. The first production 912c will head to the USA within the next few months, with the others heading to Europe and Australia once completed. Every client journey has been a pleasure, and each car will be very different from the rest. That is the beauty of KAMM – we build the car our clients want, using our expertise to guide them along the way to create the 912c that best suits their lifestyle.”

Interested buyers should note that 2024 build slots are now available for reservation.

Unlike other restomods, the KAMM 912c looks and feels period correct with modern touches adding unseen improvements and enhancements. It appears to be an all-original classic, which stands up to close scrutiny, improving the iconic 912 without losing its style, ethos, or character. The result is a dynamically exciting, classic racer which delights the senses whilst offering a level of usability not found in traditional classic racing cars.

The unique KAMM 912c will soon be demonstrated to the rest of the world, with tours planned in the USA and Dubai, before returning to the UK in 2024 to show the latest iteration of the car, featuring a full carbon bodyshell. 

For more information, please visit the KAMM website