JMS Golf GTI Clubsport

March 24, 2023 By Mike
Last updated on March 24, 2023

Bright green hot hatch: Golf GTI Clubsport with body kit, Barracuda Dragoon etc

The Golf GTI has been the hot hatch par excellence for almost 50 years and, as a dynamic sports model, is of course also one of the absolute favorites in the tuning scene.

A Clubsport example of the current eighth GTI generation has now received extensive refinement from the specialists at JMS Fahrzeugteile, which further emphasizes its motorsport-inspired look.

Absolute highlights are undoubtedly the new wheels from Barracuda Racing Wheels. With the exception of Switzerland, JMS Fahrzeugteile has taken on the exclusive worldwide distribution for this brand. These are Dragoon wheels that come from the Ultralight Series and are therefore very light thanks to the production using the Flow Forged process. The dimensions are 8.5×20 inches all around and the mounted tires measure 235/30R20. The optional hub caps in red and the black, registration-free Barracuda Racing Bolts contrast with the finish in classic Hyper Silver. The appropriate lowering, which allows the new wheel/tire combination to sit perfectly in its housing, is thanks to a KW Variant 3 coilover kit. The reduction in ground clearance is 45 millimeters at the front and 40 millimeters at the rear.

The Clubsport also leaves a lasting impression due to the sensational full foiling: while a large part of the body is in bright green, the roof is black and the bonnet has a carbon look. The Golf also has a body kit that includes a front spoiler lip, side skirts and a diffuser insert for the rear, also side skirts and an additional spoiler lip for the roof wing.

Last but not least, JMS Fahrzeugteile gave the compact sports car an even more distinctive and richer sound: this was achieved with an in-house exhaust system that ends in two thick tailpipes at the rear.

All components can be ordered online. If required, they can also be installed on site at JMS Fahrzeugteile or one of the numerous national and international support centers. Corresponding contact addresses are available on request.

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