Introducing the RevoZport Racing Technology R-Zentric Model 3R Aerokit

September 17, 2018 By Mike
Last updated on September 17, 2018

RevoZport Model 3R

With a passion to ensure that nothing less than perfection is acceptable the team at RevoZport Racing Technology have once again delivered understated elegance with the forthcoming launch of the brand new R-Zentric Model R3 Aerokit.

Designed exclusively for the Tesla Model 3, the R-Zentric Model 3R is very much ‘the’ hottest of all of the Tesla body kits currently developed by the RevoZport design team.

The performance styled widebody design extends the trackwidth by15mm on each side and reflects on unique intelligent aerodynamic thinking and styling to ensure that that the highest demands of power delivery particularly when cornering are achieved and that maximum traction is continuously maintained.

Custom designed following extensive research and using sophisticated state of the art manufacturing processes that deliver to the very highest quality standards. Hand made from Carbon Kevlar Composite each component of the new R-Zentric Model R3 kit is a breathtaking mix of design, art & technology and offers total body refinement.

The unique styling of the kit also allows for accommodating the recently launched RevoZport 21” lightweight forged Aluminum wheels. With a proposed usage spec of front 255/21 9J and 305/21 10.5J on the rear.

Designed so as to ensure a smooth airflow throughout the brand new R-Zentric Model R3 kit consists of the following;

  • Front Splitter with Side Blades.
  • Extended Side Skirts.
  • Rear Ground Tunnel System.
  • Front Extended Fenders
  • M3R GT Spoiler

This is the very latest Tesla release from the RevoZport design studio and is scheduled for shipped during early October. It will be available in a choice of Gloss or Matt finishes and an exclusive RevoZport Forged Carbon finish. Prices will start from around $9,500.00.