FoS-Tech Educational Dome at Goodwood

August 6, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on July 27, 2015

FoS-Tech Educational Dome at Goodwood posted on 28 June 2011

FoS-Tech Educational Dome

This week’s Goodwood Festival of Speed and Moving Motor Show, presented by Auto Trader (30 June – 3 July), will showcase the future of personal transportation in the popular FoS-TECH Technology Pavilion.

Since its introduction at the 2006 Festival of Speed, FoS-TECH, in association with BP Ultimate, has grown to become the UK’s leading state-of-the-art-technology exhibition, promoting greener and more environmentally considerate motoring, and looking far into the future of personal transportation.

For 2011, FoS-TECH is enhanced by its move into a series of brand-new, purpose-built geodesic dome structures, to better reflect the hi-tech nature of the exhibits displayed within. Most key exhibits will be under cover, enabling Festival visitors to have close, direct access to the displays, with knowledgeable staff in attendance throughout to explain their features and benefits. The displays within the FoS-TECH domes are designed to be visually and intellectually stimulating, and will include a large number of exhibits very rarely seen in public, ranging from concept cars incorporating the very latest automotive thinking, to alternative power sources and regenerative power systems.

FoS-TECH vehicle highlights for this year include the British debuts of many advanced concepts and near-future road cars. These include the Chevrolet Mi-Ray, SEAT IBe, Rolls-Royce 102EX, Citroen Hypnos, Infiniti Etherea, Renault Captur, GM EN-V, and Gordon Murray Design’s T25 and T27.

A number of low-emission FoS-TECH exhibits will also be running up the 1.16-mile Festival of Speed hillclimb twice a day, including the Peugeot EX1, Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt and Infiniti M35h, with Red Bull Formula One team manager Christian Horner at the wheel.

FoS-Tech Educational Dome Lexus LFA

FoS-TECH, in association with BP Ultimate, will be curated by CleanGreenCars, the leading website that advises on cleaner motoring solutions. For more details, visit

Tickets and further information for the 2011 Festival of Speed, Moving Motor Show and Goodwood Revival can be found on the Goodwood website ( sport/), or via the Ticket Hotline as follows: Phone: +44 (0)1243 755055