Classic cars at the Heros Throckmorton Challenge

August 6, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on July 27, 2015

Classic cars at the Heros Throckmorton Challenge

Posted on 20 October 2011

HEROs Throckmorton Challenge HEROs Throckmorton Challenge
HEROs Throckmorton Challenge HEROs Throckmorton Challenge
HEROs Throckmorton Challenge HEROs Throckmorton Challenge
HEROs Throckmorton Challenge HEROs Throckmorton Challenge

Part of the Historic Rally Car Register’s HRCR Clubman Championships, it attracts more entries than any other UK location.

In brilliant sunshine, more than 80 classic cars were put through their paces at RAF Pershore in Warwickshire on Saturday October 15th when the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation held its annual Throckmorton Challenge 2011.

The challenge saw classic cars, their drivers, and co drivers from all over the country taking part in a reliability trail, which pushed them to the limit.

Clubman Event

First Michael & Simon Baker; Porsche 911 SC

Second John Rondeau & Dennis Greenslade; Jaguar Mk 1

Third Graham Walker & Sean Toohey; Lotus Elan Sprint

National B Event

First Andrew Buzzard & Robb Lyne; Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTV

Second Tony Sheach & Richard Lambley; Triumph TR4

Third Jon Wood & Iain Tullie; Morris Mini Cooper

It is part of the Historic Rally Car Register’s (HRCR) Clubman Championship, a series of events that are held throughout the country, and attracted more entries than any other location.

“We have more than doubled the number of vehicles that took part last year,” said Patrick Burke, from HERO, and the event is being recognised nationally as an important part of the classic car calendar.”

The event saw cars that had to be built before 1984, taking part in a number of high speed activities on the airfield that included driving a vehicle to its limits within the physical constraints of a marked circuit which changed as the day proceeded.

Peter Nedin, Hero’s Event Director said: “The format of the challenge was the same as last year. There were 15 maneuverability tests against the clock round a set course and four regularities where drivers had to adhere to a set average speed which never exceeds the recognised speed limit and where their performance is monitored at secret locations along the route. The sting in the tail was the four mile regularity on site which caught out many people, including a number of experienced crews”.

The event saw drivers taking three different regularity routes through the Warwickshire countryside with many local people turning out to cheer the drivers and witness the cross section of classics.

The Throckmorton Challenge is supported by AVIS, exclusive support vehicle partners of HERO Events; Orianda ( who sponsors the first prize of the HERO Cup by offering a week sailing in the Mediterranean on board this splendid schooner; and Meguiar’s – the leading manufacturer of automotive surface care products.

The Throckmorton challenge is seen as one of the premier events in the country which now not only attracts those drivers who regularly take part in historic rallying and wish to hone their skills but those who are new to the historic rallying and wish to find out what sort of driving tests and regularities they will face on an event.

For those drivers taking part in the HERO Cup, which sees drivers taking part in all but one HERO rallies during 2011, the Throckmorton Challenge is a qualifying round for the HERO Cup as well as the HRCR Clubman Championship. This event is a very good practice event for experienced and novice drivers who then go on to tackle HERO’s most famous event: Le Jog, which takes place between December 10 and 13th and will see over 60 cars competing against the clock and all the adverse weather conditions the UK has to offer in December, from Lands End to John O’Groats.

Patrick Burke said: “The event was a huge success and one that we are going to build on in future years. We want to attract even more competitors, but also make the event a showcase where not only people can come and compete, but where the public can visit and get a real feel for classic events.”