Caterham introduces the 485 CSR

July 24, 2019 By Mike
Last updated on July 24, 2019

Caterham Cars has launched a CSR version of its most powerful European car – the Seven 485. 

The 485 CSR is the pinnacle of the EU range of Sevens, offering 237ps and 206nm in torque from its two-litre Ford Duratec engine. 

Priced at €54,995 (excluding VAT and local taxes), the Caterham 485 CSR will accelerate from 0-100kmh in a rapid 3.9 seconds and push on to a top speed of 225kmh. 

With a host of additional options available via Caterham’s expansive Signature personalisation range, the 485 CSR is easily the most desirable and luxurious of the iconic British brand’s model line-up. 

Adding purpose and initiative to the 485 CSR over its standard 485 brother is its push-rod inboard front suspension, its fully independent, double-wishbone rear suspension, 15” CSR alloy wheels, shod with Avon ZZS tyres and aero front wing guards. 

Weighing in at just 580kg, the 485 CSR delivers an eye-watering 409 ps per-tonne, almost the same as a Lamborghini Huracan or a Ferrari 599. 

Delivered built from the Caterham factory, the 485 CSR includes carpeted interior panels, a carbon dashboard, adjustable leather seats, a collapsible Momo steering wheel, a limited-slip differential and a choice of four paint options. 

Graham Macdonald, CEO of Caterham Cars, said: “This is now the ultimate Caterham Seven to have if you’re outside the UK. We’ve had to trim our EU range because of the WLTP regulations but I’m delighted that we can still offer our continental European customers something that really reflects what Caterham has always been about – the thrill of driving. 

“We’ve listened to our European customers and I’m pleased we can deliver something amazing to them after having to trim the range because of WLTP.” 

Options available to owners who want to up the level of luxury even further include carbon fibre front wings, carbon leather side panels on the interior, a black Alcantara dashboard and LED high-intensity daytime running lights. 

Caterham Seven 485 CSR

Vehicle Technical Specification

Engine                                 Ford Duratec 1999cc, four cylinder, naturally aspirated         

Transmission                      5-speed manual gearbox

Chassis                                CSR

Max Power (ps / rpm)      237 ps @ 8500 rpm

Max Torque (nm / rpm)    206 nm @ 6300 rpm

Weight                                580 kg

0-100 KPH                           3.9 seconds

Power-To-Weight              409 ps-per-tonne

Top Speed                           225 kph

Suspension                         Front: Push rod inboard front suspension.

Rear: Fully independent double wishbone rear suspension.

Wheels and Tyres              Wheels: 15” CSR alloy wheels

                                             Tyres (Front): Avon ZZS tyres 195/ 50 /15

                                             Tyres (Rear): Avon ZZS tyres 245/ 40 /15

Brakes                                 Twin circuit split front / rear with low level warning system

                                             Front: Ventilated discs with quad-piston calipers

Steering                              Rack and pinion, 1.93 turns lock to lock

Standard Equipment

Delivered Built                   Seven 485 CSR                                                                                              €54,995.00

CSR chassis                                                       Ford Duratec 1999cc, four cylinder, naturally aspirated

5-speed manual gearbox                                 Dry sump oil system

15” CSR Alloys with Avon ZZS Tyres                             Low Drag Aero Profile Wishbones                               

Limited-Slip Differential                                  Push Rod Inboard Front Suspension

Independent Double Wishbone Rear

Suspension                                                       Brakes: Ventilated Discs front discs & quad piston calipers

Carpeted Interior Panels                                 Black Pack

Black Vinyl Boot Cover                                    Aluminium Aero Filler Cap in Black or Silver

Carpeted Interior Panels                                 Carbon Dashboard

Adjustable Leather Seats                                Momo collapsible steering wheel

Heater                                                               12V power socket

Choice of 4 paint options       


Vehicle Additional Options and Equipment Packs

Chassis Options                                Lowered floors                                                                                              €495.00

Track                                    Uprated Brake Master Cylinder                                                                  €200.00

Interior                                Carbon Leather Pack                                                                                          €1,865.00                                                                

                                                Map Pocket                                                                                                €55.00

Exterior                                 Carbon-fibre front wings                                                                            €455.00

                                             High Intensity LED Daytime Running Lights                                               €930.00

                                             Carbon Indicator Pods                                                                                  €130.00

Paint                                    Competition Red Exterior Paint (Custom)                                                 €1195.00

                                             Triple Stripes (Side Graphic Only)                                                               €395.00

                                             Painted ‘7’ grill                                                                                              €90.00

Signature                            Painted Cam Cover                                                                                       €150.00

                                             Carbon Leather Side Panels                                                                         €1,000.00

                                             Black Alcantara Dashboard                                                                          €600.00

Options Total                                                                                                                                             €7,560.00

Caterham 485CSR                                                                                                                                     €54,995.00

Total                                                                                                                                                            €62,555.00

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