Featured Aftermarket Tuners

This section features some of the most popular aftermarket tuners showcasing some of the wildest creations and modifications.

Hennessey’s 1,000-HP ‘Last Stand’ models celebrate the end of the Hellcat-Powered Dodge SRT Challenger and Charger

November 7, 2023 By Mike
Last updated on November 7, 2023

Hennessey, the Texas-based hypercar manufacturer, and high-performance vehicle creator, celebrates the nine-year run of the supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat HEMI V8 with limited edition ‘Last Stand’ models of the popular Dodge SRT Challenger and Charger models.  Dodge’s admired supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat HEMI V8 is offered in both its Challenger coupe and Charger sedan models in a […]

G-POWER upgrades for M3 and M4

October 19, 2023 By Mike
Last updated on October 19, 2023

G-POWER upgrades for M3 and M4: Up to 720 hp in the G8x The name BMW M3 has earned firm legendary status over the years. Used to denote the two-door versions of this mid-range flagship model for some time now, the M4 model code is rapidly achieving the same reputation. Despite the initial debate about […]

DMC 1118 HP SF90 FXX

September 6, 2023 By Mike
Last updated on September 6, 2023

Summary: DMC, a renowned name in the world of luxury car refinement, is proud to announce the debut of its latest creation, the Ferrari SF90 FXX. A true testament to the marriage of exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, the SF90 FXX embodies the very essence of automotive excellence. CARBON FIBER AERO KIT Inspired by the […]

MANHART CR 600 Mercedes-AMG W205 C 63 S

May 4, 2023 By Mike
Last updated on May 4, 2023

Black power limo with 623 hp and 880 Nm Family life and a love of high-performance sports cars – does that go together? Of course, no problem at all: various manufacturers have long proven that both criteria can be combined into one vehicle. First and foremost, there are the German M, RS and AMG models. […]

NOVITEC design Lamborghini Aventador

April 5, 2023 By Mike
Last updated on April 5, 2023

The LP 780-4 Ultimae in thrilling NOVITEC design Carbon aerodynamics kit, centerlock forged wheels, sports springs and high-performance exhaust systems. Its successor is already in the starting blocks, but NOVITEC bids the Lamborghini Aventador farewell with a very special variant of the mid-engine V12 sports car. The German automotive refinement specialist gave the LP 780-4 […]

JMS Golf GTI Clubsport

March 24, 2023 By Mike
Last updated on March 24, 2023

Bright green hot hatch: Golf GTI Clubsport with body kit, Barracuda Dragoon etc The Golf GTI has been the hot hatch par excellence for almost 50 years and, as a dynamic sports model, is of course also one of the absolute favorites in the tuning scene. A Clubsport example of the current eighth GTI generation […]