Car Engine Tuning Guides

April 7, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on December 28, 2014

There are a number of things that can be done to improve your cars performance. Just don’t get carried away if it’s your road going daily driver (you may be better off just buying a better car) and remember power gain numbers mean very little in a road car, as much of the gains may be moved further up the rev range, which would be more suited to a track car.

However if you’re interested in a little more performance from your engine, we certainly recommend looking at a performance air filter or induction kit, a sports exhaust system and maybe a performance chip or remap, These mods can add a bit more go and noise for that matter on most cars and do wonders for a turbo/turbo diesel.

If you wish to create a drag/sprint/track day monster or you just simply must max out your car, there are numerous tuning options available, such as turbocharging, supercharging, nitrous oxide and plain old performance cams, cylinder heads and much more.

With all this, it is important to point out that you need to select the right combination of modifications to gain the most out of your car. Select the wrong combination and you will have spent a lot of money for nothing. Also to note is that what works on one make of car may not necessarily work on another make of car, it’s very easy to ruin a well setup factory car with the wrong modification. Oh and don’t forget all these modifications may affect any car warranty you may have and will also affect your cars insurance.

To learn more about the various car engine tuning modifications, click on the links below.

Horsepower And Torque
Horsepower and TorqueHorsepower and Torque explained and how it affects your cars performance. Horsepower and torque, it’s an interesting subject that a lot of people have pushed about in many an automotive forum: Carroll Shelby once said: “Horsepower sells cars, torque wins races”. […]



Performance Air Filters And Induction Kits
Cold-Air-TypicalBreath easy with performance/sports air filters and induction kits. Engines need air, they need to breath, but that air also needs to be filtered, so that debris and dust don’t get into the engine and cause damage, hence the need for an air filter. Basically air filters, filter the air entering the engine. […]



Sports Exhaust Systems
Performance-Exhaust-SystemSports exhausts systems for extra performance and sound. The purpose of an exhaust system is to allow the gases to exit from the engine and to reduce the noise at the same time. […]




Engine Management
Remap-DisplayEngine management, using your brains for more performance. Most if not all cars nowadays have a brain (a computer engine management system (EMS), formally and commonly known as the ECU – Electronic Control Unit). […]



Turbo-KitTurbocharger guide for those in a spin. Turbochargers like superchargers have been used in many applications (Automotive cars, aircraft, trains, ships and much more). They were invented by the Swiss engineer Alfred Buchi, who made a patent for the internal combustion turbocharger in 1905. […]



Roots-KitSupercharger guide for those looking for a compressing read. Daimler was the first to patent a forced-induction system for internal combustion engines in 1900. The first supercharger was based on a twin-rotor air-pump design, first patented by American Francis Roots in 1860 (Roots supercharger). […]



Engine Tuning
Stroker-KitOk so you’ve put all the bolt on performance extras such as a performance air filter, sports exhaust and other bits and pieces. But it still doesn’t do it for you. This tuning article will describe the many ways to tune your engine. […]



Air And Fuel
Throttle-BodyAir and fuel, if your full of hot air and have a burning desire, read this article. […]




Ignition System
Capacity-Discharge-Ignition-SystemIgnition System, become a bright spark and read this electrifying guide. OK, let us start by saying that the ignition system won’t increase the power of your car? But wait, that’s not really correct in a sense. The fact is, if it’s not up to par with your cars needs, then you will have a drop in performance and reliability. […]



Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous-KitNitrous Oxide – N2O (also known as laughing gas and known as the best bang for your buck). Bottled nitrous oxide is a compressed liquid and is non-flammable. First used by military aircraft during World War 2 to provide additional oxygen and power at high altitude. […]