November 23, 2021 By Mike
Last updated on November 23, 2021

M3; a letter, a number, a history.

Probably the best-known and most popular BMW M vehicle in the series has been called the BMW M3 since 1986.

The fascination of motorsport has lingered on the BMW M3 series for over five generations – also with the LIGHTWEIGHT team from Sinn-Fleisbach; the BMW tuner, whose philosophy was always based on its own BMW M3 CSL.

Why ?

Because the CSL guarantees fast lap times and is still suitable for everyday use.

“Many models, many variants. Always peppered with potential that we can awaken “, says company founder and owner Marc Müller.

“My team concentrates exclusively on the models of the BMW brand that were built with passion and conviction for BMW” adds Marc Müller, who has meanwhile become one of the BMW tuners from the tranquil sense – Fleisbach in Hessen, who is the contact point for individual modified vehicles is known.

The Lightweight team is also working intensively on the 6th generation of the M3, the G series. In addition to currently minor, cosmetic interventions and aerodynamic components, the subject of suspension development comes first.

Thanks to the good cooperation with the brands Eibach and Bilstein, products are developed, tested and implemented right from the start of the project.

There are already spring sets in the program for all variants of the new M3 / M4, which make the car optically beefier and of course increase the driving dynamics without restricting the suitability for everyday use.

The development does not stop there as LIGHTWEIGHT and many of the customers take their vehicles to the racetrack. There you can use the speed and cornering dynamics of the cars, which are no longer allowed on public roads.

“In our G80 M3 Competition, which we will be exhibiting at this year’s motor show in Essen, we have installed a prototype Pro Street Multi suspension from Eibach.

We already know the Pro Street Multi very well from the M2 and M3 / M4 of the F series. Together with Eibach, we very quickly developed a setup for the G80 / G82 that we will implement in series production, “says Marc Müller. Sporty driving and maximum comfort are the attributes that we and our customers really like.

A video of the suspension test is available here: LINK

“We have also already tested a prototype suspneison for the G80 / G82 with the manufacturer Bilstein, which impressed us right from the start; It’s hard to believe that you can get even more out of a very good production vehicle, “says Marc Müller.

In addition to suspension components, LIGHTWEIGHT naturally also has its own exhaust system from OPF in its range. This has an EC operating permit and is registration-free.

Furthermore, they work together with the development partner HJS on ECE-approved downpipes.

After the hardware has been adapted, the task of increasing performance is also processed; here LIGHTWEIGHT has its own MAHA single roller test bench in-house. This can be used for both rear and all-wheel drive vehicles.

The PE spoiler sword is almost a trademark of LIGHTWEIGHT vehicles. A discreet component with a great effect was deliberately designed here.

LIGHTWEIGHT would like to remind of the M3 GTS and M3 CRT with the middle part. Here, too, the component is absolutely suitable for everyday use and is not designed too low; furthermore, the material PE (polyethylene) is extremely resistant and does not shy away from enemy contact with a curb on the racetrack.

For the G80 M3, which in the eyes of LIGHTWEIGHT is also interesting as a track tool, an adjustable carbon rear wing was developed and gives the rear a crisp appearance
Now to the eye-catcher, the BMW M3 converted for the Essen Motorshow:

Here they rely on a 20/21 inch wheel / tire combination with 10×20 and 285/30/20 “and 10.5×21 and 305/25/21” Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, painted in a matt gold tone.

“We thought about the right color for the car for a long time and ended up with Isle of Man Green with the color code C4G – and if you look at the car now it was absolutely the right decision,” says Marc Müller.

For fast lap times, the tuner from Sinn – Fleisbach drives smaller diameter rim combinations with semi-slicks.

Further products to make the M3 into a “clubsport” vehicle are already in the planning stage.

The M2 / M2 Competition as well as the M3 / M4 conversions of the F series from LIGHTWEIGHT arouse a great deal of interest among sporty BMW drivers.

“We can hardly wait to go a step further for the G80 / G82 in order to convert these vehicles into a track tool,” says the lightweight owner.