Blue Optimize revolutionises the environmental drive

August 6, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 6, 2013

Blue Optimize revolutionises the environmental drive

Posted on 14 October 2011

Bespoke files are created for every vehicle BBlue Optimize is ideally suited to high performance vehicles

CO 2 reductions of up to 20% promised with no loss of performance or power

Drivers of large, high-powered or performance vehicles can now make dramatic guaranteed cuts of up to 20 percent from their CO 2 emissions and significantly improve their fuel economy thanks to the launch of Blue Optimize, a new tuning service from leading performance specialists Viezu Technologies.

The award-winning service promises to deliver a superior driving experience, offering increased responsiveness and more progressive and steadier power delivery. What’s more, these improvements can all be achieved while making further gains to the vehicle’s torque and power outputs.

“Blue Optimize is the result of extensive research and development, giving drivers unrivalled reductions in their CO 2 emissions, without any drop-off in performance,” explains Paul Busby, managing director, Viezu Technologies. “The service is perfect for drivers of older vehicles who would like to benefit from the cleaner technology found in many newer cars. It’s also ideal for the large number of motorists who like to drive large or powerful cars such as SUV’s, but have concerns for the environment or their fuel bills. Now, they can maintain their power and road presence but slash their CO 2 levels to that of a standard family hatchback.”

Blue Optimize uses a unique yet proven approach to engine remapping which has been used extensively by its developer Viezu, helping it gain an enviable reputation for quality re-tunes. In recent years, vehicle manufacturers have worked hard to reduce the CO 2 emission levels of new cars in accordance with EU legislation targets. However, until now there have been limited aftermarket options for drivers looking to cut their emissions without buying a new car.

Rather than using library files and making standardised alterations to a particular model or engine, each vehicle using Blue Optimize is treated individually. Initially, it is given an extensive diagnostic check to identify any potential areas of weakness in the engine and to take account of any lapses in its service history, which may impact on its long-term integrity. After discussions with the owner to understand their objectives for the re-tune, a unique file is custom-built and installed by Viezu’s engineers.

“By taking the time to do the job properly, treating each vehicle individually and fully understanding its history, we can maximise the performance improvements that can be made to the car without any danger of over-stressing components or causing any performance or reliability issues,” continues Busby. “The result is that drivers’ can now have the best of both worlds. A car that not only looks and performs fantastically, but also has minimal impact on the environment.”

Many drivers who have already used the Blue Optimize tune are reporting CO 2 reduction figures far in excess of Viezu’s guaranteed levels. A recent BMW 325i 3.0TD recorded a massive 60% reduction in CO 2 emissions and a Range Rover Sport TD6 owner is now benefitting from a 33% reduction.

With record fuel prices, Viezu is predicting that Blue Optimize will be incredibly popular with a wide range of customers, but in particular with fleets, owners of large or performance cars and those with vehicles more than three years old. And it’s not just the company which is predicting strong demand for the service having already scooped one prestigious ‘Innovation in Technology’ award for the service.

“Reduced CO 2 emissions come in part as a result of using less fuel,” concludes Busby. “With the high price of fuel, Blue Optimize will also be an attractive service for those looking to lower their running costs.”

Blue Optimize is available for both petrol and diesel vehicles including cars, vans and HGVs. It is available either directly from Viezu or through any of its 90-strong appointed UK dealer network.

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Examples of CO 2 reductions already achieved using Blue Optimize include:

Vehicle Emission Test Resultsbefore Blue Optimize


Emission Test ResultsAfter Blue Optimize


% EmissionsReduction
BMW 325i 0.1 0.04 60%
Mini Cooper 0.09 0.04 55%
Citroen DS3 0.07 0.04 43%
Range Rover Sport 0.09 0.06 33%
Range Rover TDV8 0.08 0.06 25%


Notes: Viezu Technologies is one of the UK’s leading tuning specialists. It has developed more than 15,000 engine ECU remap files which cover 90 percent of modern European vehicles. It has a network of 90 approved dealers across the UK and more than 200 others located in 34 countries around the world. Since launch, the company has helped drivers to reduce their CO 2 emissions by more than 50,000 tonnes.