Alternative Fuel Cars

April 7, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on April 5, 2018

The manufacture and development of alternative fuel cars are on the increase! With fuel prices rising, environmental issues and the fact that fossil fuels will become depleted some time in the future, both car manufacturers and governments are now pushing for alternative ways to keep us moving.

As car enthusiasts, the demise of our charismatic noisy automotive choice of travel isn’t a pleasant thought. However it is an inevitable step in the right direction for the sake of the environment and the future of the world, also not to mention progress is progress.

There are a number of techies/engineers and scientists working on many types of alternative fuel sources (LPG, natural gas, biodiesel, biogas, bioethanol, hydrogen, various fuel cells, plant oils, compressed air and electricity).

We will only be covering the ones listed below for now and may look at the others later on. Also as a performance car website we will be concentrating (you’ll be happy to know) on alternative fueled performance vehicles and what these alternatives can and maybe able to do for us enthusiasts in the future.

We’re not going to go all techy or text book on you. The articles have a brief introduction of the fuel concept, followed by what’s out there for us car enthusiasts.

Electric Sports Cars
Electric-Car-Point2Electrifying performance from some of the worlds latest and fastest electric cars. Becoming ever more popular and with a growing network, electric cars are no doubt a part of our future transport scene.[…]



Hydrogen Sports Cars
Hydrogen-StationPut your foot on the gas and have a look at some of the worlds latest and fastest Hydrogen cars. Hydrogen is another popular and growing alternative fuel source.[…]




LPG Conversions
LPG-PumpA quick guide to LPG conversions, for those looking to save a little money.[…]




CNG Sports Cars
CNG-PumpA look at Compressed Natural Gas as an alternative fuel in sports cars.[…]




The X Prize Foundation
X-Prize-3The X Prize Foundation is just one event, either showing or encouraging alternative fuel cars. Maybe events like this will help push some in the right direction.[…]




Automatics as Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles
automaticWith the cost of fuel soaring, the proposed 2040 ban on petrol and diesel sales and new charges being introduced, it is no surprises that so many motorists are making the switch to alternatively fuelled vehicles.