April 7, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on December 29, 2014

Not many people think about the effects of those spoilers they put on their cars. For the road user, the effects aren’t that much of a deal, but for the track day enthusiast, a little knowledge can’t hurt.

The following are guides to aerodynamics & body kits in general and the effects of those bodily additions.

A Guide To Car Aerodynamics
AerodynamicsFrom the front to the back of the car, a guide to what could be dragging you back in performance. Although mainly used for styling purposes on road cars, their main intended purpose is for improving the cars stability. […]



A Guide To Body Kits
Body-KitStyle vs functionality. The car’s aerodynamics can have a big effect on it’s performance, but add to that, the need to create stability with down-force when accelerating, braking and cornering and it all gets a bit complicated. […]