AC Cobras bound for Britain once more

July 31, 2020 By Mike
Last updated on July 31, 2020

The first step to returning one of the world’s motoring icons to its true place – on sale in its spiritual home, the UK – took place today with the shipment to Britain of the two new AC Cobra models announced on the 1st of July.

The AC Cobra Series 1 electric is a faithful recreation of the AC Cobra but with a modern, emissions-free electric powertrain and the AC Cobra 140 Charter Edition features the same 2.3 litre high power engine used by Ford in its latest Mustang model. The two ACs were loaded today to ship from the factory to the UK.

The two new cars are each being produced in two limited editions of 58 cars for sale in the UK. The number of cars is significant because it is 58 years since the creation of the world-famous AC Cobra model.

The two cars are now on the way to the Derby premises of Falcon Electric ( Falcon is designing and will supply the electric motor and running gear for the electric model and also install the Ford-sourced petrol engine for the Charter Edition model.

Speaking today the man behind the project to return AC to sales, Alan Lubinsky, said that the significance of the shipment couldn’t be overestimated. “It may be 58 years since AC first shipped Cobras around the world but it’s only one month since AC Cars said we would do just that once again and now we’re bang on time”.

Mr Lubinsky said full details of the sales plans for the two new models would be made available once the first two production cars are completed in the coming weeks.


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