ABT Sportsline VW Golf VII GTi

April 14, 2017 By Mike Lee
Last updated on April 14, 2017

ABT Sportsline VW Golf VII GTi
Who says that golf sport has to be expensive? With an attractively priced aerodynamics package, ABT Sportsline is currently ensuring that older Golf VII models can look fresh and dynamic again even without the official facelift. For just 1,990 euros, customers in many ABT countries receive front spoiler, side strips, rear skirt add on and sport muffler through the official partner network of the company from Bavaria. Individually, the components would otherwise cost 2,675 euros.

The result is impressive: Especially the exposed ABT front spoiler makes the face of the Golf VII much more aggressive and dynamic. The side skirts additionally provide a distinctive look and a visual perception of energy. The rear skirt add on is the perfect addition to the ensemble, expressing a pure sense of sport with its diffusor design. An ABT 4-pipe rear muffler underlines this impression in a particularly distinctive way while also supplying the matching sound.

Roaring power for all to hear? The best way to achieve that is with an additional power boost, which ABT Sportsline offers for almost any motor version. This allows the “normal” diesel engines to achieve a maximum of 180hp/132 kW, the GTD even 210hp/154 kW. The conventional petrol engines also deliver exactly the same power, while the GTI impresses with up to 315hp/232 kW and the Golf R with 400hp/294 kW can even challenge veritable sports cars.

And for those who want to improve their “golf handicap” even further, the ABT Configurator offers plenty of additional exciting accessories.