ABT Sportsline 2017 Power Days

March 17, 2017 By Mike Lee
Last updated on March 17, 2017

ABT Sportsline 2017 Power Days
When it comes to tuning vehicles of VW and Audi group, ABT Sportsline sets benchmarks worldwide. But the Bavarian company is not only the market leader in terms of turnover. The people at ABT are famous for their quality, their careful testing and their extensive warranties, especially regarding engine upgrades. Good to know that this performance is also affordable, which is even more the case during the ABT POWER DAYS: From March 30 to April 11, there is again 20 % discount on all ABT POWER power boost packages.

This offer is not only available in Germany. Even abroad, many customers can save a lot of money during the ABT POWER DAYS, because the discount campaign will also take place in Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Slovakia, as well as in Italy. Exact addresses can be found by using the dealer search at www.abt-sportsline.de/en

An overview of the sheer endless products for VW and Audi group vehicles can be found at www.abt-configurator.com/en. Four current highlights from the complete range show the whole scope of different vehicle applications:

  • VW Tiguan (5NA0) 2.0 TDI:               from 240 HP/ 176 kW to 270 HP / 199 kW
  • Audi S4/S5 (8W00/8W60):                 from 354 HP/ 260 kW to 425 HP / 313 kW
  • Audi SQ7 (4M00) 4.0 TDI:                  from 435 HP / 320 kW to 520 HP / 382 kW
  • Audi S3 (8V07):                                  from 310 HP / 228 kW to 400 HP / 294 kW