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April 15, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on March 1, 2024

DSCF1099Hi, I’m Mike Lee, the creator, publisher, editor, author, writer, web designer and developer of Performance Car Guide – yes I do it all!

I have always been interested in cars since as far back as I can remember. As a child I was always making models cars, modifying my matchbox cars, playing with radio controlled cars, Scalextrics and Top Trumps. I was always looking out for cars when out and about, and going to the local race track to listen to those beautiful sounding race engines. As soon as I left school I became a mechanic, Porschebut actually ended up working in IT for much of my working career. I have also even been a qualified driving instructor. I do have another interest in martial arts and keep-fit/strength training – also having multi interests makes life just a little more varied and interesting.

Even though I gave up on the mechanical side of things for a job, I still have remained involved with cars, belonging to the Opel Manta Owners Club (twice), BMW Drivers Club, Vauxhall Performance Car Club, The National Can Am Car Club, American Auto Car Club International and the Classic Camaro Club (of which I wrote an article on Camaros in the Motorvatinusa club magazine, with my Camaro placed on the front cover). I would have probably joined many more clubs, but you have to balance work and family commitments with your hobbies, don’t you?

Matt Neals BTCC Honda Civic TourerI have however, been lucky enough to have driven some nice cars, which have included cars from Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, numerous other performance cars, single seat race cars and a V8 touring car. I have even been taken for a ride around Donington circuit by Matt Neal in his BTCC Honda Civic Tourer!

Almost all of the cars I have owned have had some sort of modification carried out, be it performance related or cosmetic. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good looking car in standard form, I just enjoy having a car that’s different to anyone else’s. What I haven’t quite figured out yet however is why do we all stay interested in cars when you just know you’re in for a time consuming, money spending and occasionally pain in the ??? hobby – I guess that’s what makes us all enthusiasts.

Just a few (but not all) of the cars I have owned – mostly from my early driving days, when I had time to play!

Cortina MkV

1980 Ford Cortina MkV 1.6L – my first car at age 17, couldn’t stop doing things to it!


1983 Opel Manta Berlinetta 1.8S owned at age 19

Ford XR3i

1985 Ford XR3i – Full Kamei body-kit fitted by me, also added bonnet vents, turbo blackout lights, front spot lights and side graphic stripes, owned at age 21

1983 BMW 323i

1983 BMW 323i – Checkout the reg “XXI 3231”, also added chrome wheel arches, gold side pin stripes, Gold BBS style wheels and an Ansa exhaust, owned at age 23

1987 Camaro Iroc Z

1987 Camaro IROC-Z 5.0TPi V8 owned at age 24 and used as a daily driver in all weather, including in the snow!

Opel Manta GTE Exclusive

1988 Opel Manta GTE Exclusive – plan was to create a Manta 400 with a Rover V8, but didn’t get around to it. Eventually re-sprayed this a 2 tone white and blue colour

1990 Astra 16v GTE

1990 Astra 16v GTE – was lowered which required hammered rear arches

1992 RS Camaro 5.0

1992 RS Camaro 5.0

Mondeo 2.5 V6 24v - Rare Mk3 smooth bumper edition with dark metalic purple with Scorpion exhaust, K&N Cold Air Induction Kit and Koni adjustable suspension

1996 Mondeo 2.5 V6 24v – Rare pre-facelift Mk2 smooth bumper edition with dark metalic purple paint. Had Full S/S Scorpion exhaust, K&N Cold Air Induction Kit and Koni adjustable suspension

1972 Camaro SS 350

1972 Camaro SS 350 (5.7 litre V8) – Took me 2 years to get it into the condition you see here. Had this for 5 years and sold it for more money than I paid for it. In fact I sold it for what it cost me, plus restoration and maintenance over the 5 years ownership, so cost me nothing but the insurance and petrol to own it. Miss this car, which is now worth twice as much as I sold it for again!

2005 MG ZS180 Bargain performance!

Mazda6 2.5 Sport, just with a Pipercross panel filter.


Ford Focus ST2. Remapped, K&N group A induction kit with shielded K&N cone filter, Airtec Ram-Air feed and RS slam panel, RS ECU cover, aftermarket recirculating valve and full stainless steel Scorpion exhaust system, Max Design body kit, drilled and grooved brake discs and more.

My Eunos RoadsterMy Eunos Roadster
My Eunos RoadsterMy Eunos Roadster
My Eunos RoadsterMy Eunos Roadster

1990 BRG Eunos Roadster Photo taken at Thruxton Circuit. Fitted with full stainless steel exhaust system, stainless steel silenced decat pipe, stainless steel modified Powertec filter, with homemade heat shield and cold air intake/piping, original lightweight daisy alloys painted satin black with chrome nuts, 8 point double roll hoops, front strut brace, front chassis brace, rear chassis brace. Ducktail rear spoiler, home-made front rubber chin spoiler/splitter, race style chrome fuel cap, boot latches, old style recessed bonnet pins, starter button….and a few other bits here and there. Ideal for quick (legal speeds) spirited driving in the beautiful Hampshire countryside. More planned for this car, when I get the time. – sounds awesome!

Update pics of the Eunos Roadster:

Hopefully I’ll get around to adding more cars – when I find the photos?! and time to add more recent cars/images?

A bit of fun:

As an aside note, my son has just started a blog for a game that he is developing called A Tale of Embers. It’s in early development, but please check it out here: https://fantasyboundgames.lovestoblog.com/