3 year free servicing for the GT-R

August 5, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on July 26, 2015

3 year free servicing for the GT-R posted on 01 June 2011

  • Free RAC cover when purchased with Nissan’s ‘Preferences’ Personal Contract Plan
  • Low cost service plan for all GT-R buyers

The running costs of a super car has now become much more affordable thanks to Nissan offering a 3 year servicing plan, together with three years of RAC cover, for the 2011 version of the GT-R.

The free offer of the servicing plan is included when you purchase a GT-R through Nissan’s own personal contract plan (PCP) known as Preferences. If you choose to finance your car a different way, or you already have a 2011 GT-R, then the servicing plan can be purchased for as little as £499.

The Nissan servicing plan only applies to the 2011 version of the GT-R and will cover a 3 year period or up to the equivalent mileage of 27,000. All labour, parts, oils and fluids needed to carry out the routine maintenance, by a Nissan High Performance Centre, will be fully covered by the policy.


All Nissan High Performance Centres are specially trained and are equipped to look after the Nissan sports car range and are the only suppliers of the GT-R. With 19 of Nissans HP Centres located across the UK you will not have to travel far to experience their expertise.

This offer is for a limited period of time and further details can be obtained from any of the NHPC’s.

To locate your nearest dealer go to www.nissan.co.uk.