V-Maxx Expands Its Range Of Coilovers To Include Subaru Impreza GC

July 12, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on July 12, 2016

A firm with its finger very much on the pulse of the modern automotive tuning scene, V-Maxx has released details of its recently expanded range of height-adjustable coilovers, a range that now includes the GC generation Subaru Impreza.

V-Maxx has been producing suspension products for decades, a period of time that’s seen the firm establish itself as one of Europe’s’s finest coilover, spring and damper experts, with an impressive portfolio of products that manages to be both highly effective and affordable.

The Subaru Impreza was nothing short of a revelation when launched in 1993: it looked fantastic, could just about pass for the Group A cars Prodrive were campaigning in the WRC at the time, and put affordable, four-wheel drive fun into the hands of the car buying public, and they’ve not looked back!

Like all the majority of cars, the Impreza’s handling can be improved dramatically by the installation of sophisticated, aftermarket suspension, and V-Maxx’s range of coilovers more than fit the bill. Boasting painstakingly designed and developed, threaded damper bodies, the coilovers can be easily and quickly adjusted in situ, giving the owner a choice of height and damping rate settings. The ride height can be toggled between 35-60mm (front) and 30-60mm (rear), while the damping rate can be tweaked via the knob located on the damper body, with 20 distinct settings that range from ‘road comfort’ to ‘trackday stiff.’

The springs themselves draw heavily on Vmaxx’s impressive experience of all Subaru models. Wound from the very same steel that V-Maxx uses for its competition springs, these are pre-stressed to prevent sagging, before being shot-peened for tempering and then electrostatically powder coated for a long and happy life.

V-Maxx’s years of experience, their skill set and the exquisite engineering that underpins the coilovers means that any Impreza with them fitted can be comfortable and cosseting when required, or focussed and precise when the conditions dictate.

Price: £732 inc VAT. 70SB01

For more information, please click to www.v-maxx.co.uk