Toyota gives GT86 drivers the chance to race themselves

April 8, 2014 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 6, 2015

Drivers of Toyota’s GT86 coupe can now battle against themselves in Sony’s latest driving simulation game on PlayStation®3 (PS3), Gran Turismo 6 (GT6). The “Sports Drive Logger”, a telemetry recording device, will be launched on 2 June in Japan for ¥91,800 (around £537).

The system collects data on acceleration, braking, steering angles, gear shift operation, engine speed and vehicle speed from the car’s controller area network (CAN), and location information from a dedicated GPS system. All data are recorded on a USB device, which can be uploaded to any PS3. Once data are uploaded, drivers have the ability to race against themselves, improving technique and track placement. Furthermore, drivers can use GT6’s “GPS data visualizer” to compare their own telemetry with that of professional drivers.

There are currently no plans to launch the Sports Drive Logger here in the UK. The technology was first tested in Europe at a launch event for GT6 at Silverstone in May 2013.