Toyota Celebrates The Joys Of Motoring At The Tokyo Auto Salon

January 13, 2014 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 7, 2015

Gazoo Racing reveals new LFA Code X for its 2014 Nürburgring 24 Hours campaign

The joy of owning cars, driving cars and talking about cars: Toyota’s display at the Tokyo Auto Salon celebrates what’s best about motoring and aims to create a new generation of enthusiasts. It has lined up 34 concept models – a dozen more than last year – for the world’s largest customised car show, which opens on 12 January.

Gazoo Racing leads the Toyota contribution, with concepts created by its GRMN and G’s design and engineering teams. It is also showing its contenders for the 2014 Nürburgring 24 Hours, including the new LFA Code X.


The GRMN 86 Concept is a stripped-down special inspired by Gazoo Racing’s experience competing with the GT86 at the Nürburgring. Its sporting character is witnessed by its lightweight construction, including carbon fibre roof, bonnet and tailgate and polycarbonate windows. The body is more rigid and the car has a lower centre of gravity than the road-going GT86.. Inside, the rear seats have been taken out and the front pair replaced with sports seats with carbon fibre backs.


G’s is showing a sports-tuned version of the Vitz RS – a version of Yaris that’s sold in Japan. It has been kitted out with new sports seats, instruments and cabin trim, plus a rear spoiler, side stripes and 17-inch wheels. Where performance is concerned, it comes with a new exhaust system, upgraded brakes pads, tuned suspension and extra underfloor bracing to increase body rigidity.

G’s has also produced a concept based on the Toyota Harrier – a Japanese market model that is closely related to the Lexus RX. The Harrier G Sports is the first SUV to feature in the G’s series, given a sharper look with lowered suspension, new front and rear bumpers, LED lights, new bodywork elements and 19-inch alloys. Extra spot welding and bracing ramp up the car’s rigidity for sportier handling.

Gazoo Racing and the LFA Code X

Gazoo Racing is also presenting its trio of cars that will be competing in this year’s Nürburgring 24 Hours in June: the Lexus LFA, Toyota GT86 and the new LFA Code X.

The LFA Code X has been created as a research vehicle to test future sports car technologies. The standard 4.8-litre V10 engine has been increased to a 5.3-litre capacity and power and torque have been fine-tuned to better suit the demands of the Nürburgring course. Other enhancements include a more rigid and lighter, full carbon frame.