Toyo UK Backs Gordon Weston And Prostate Cancer UK In Sponsorship Deal

April 6, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on April 6, 2016

Toyo UK Backs Gordon Weston And Prostate Cancer UK In Sponsorship Deal
There’s no getting around the fact that prostate cancer is now the most common cancer in men in the UK, with roughly 47,300 cases reported in 2013 alone, nor that it’s an incomparably nasty and aggressive disease that causes untold suffering for tens of thousands of families across the UK each and every year. Thankfully there are several funds, charities and schemes, and thousands of passionate individuals taking the fight to prostate cancer, with Prostate Cancer UK being one of the most proactive. Toyo is keen to help fight this disease in any way it can, hence why the tyre manufacturer has opted to lend its support to Prostate Cancer UK’s latest campaign, Men United v Prostate Cancer.

One of the individuals taking a decidedly proactive roll in this fight is Gordon Weston, a man who knows more about the horrors associated with this particular condition than most, thanks to his personal battle against it. Now in remission and having been given a clean bill of health, Gordon has decided to combine his passion for Porsches with his desire to give the disease a good kicking, and the result is the car you see here. Using Gordon’s own 924 as a base, the stripped out, lightened and motorsport-prepared Porsche has been built to raise awareness of the importance of catching prostate cancer as early as possible, plus the excellent work that everyone at the charity does on a daily basis.

Key to making the 924 stick to the road in a suitably grippy manner are the tyres supplied free of charge by Toyo, one of the world’s foremost tyre manufacturers. Now shod with R888s all round, Gordon’s 924 is perfectly suited to competitive driving, specifically UK hill climbs and sprint events. Toyo’s R888s are the ideal tyre for this kind of work thanks to their balanced construction and composition, a combination which results in excellent grip in a broad spread of conditions and an extended working life, both important characteristics for any track-focussed vehicle.

“We’re proud to be able to lend a hand in Gordon’s personal fight against a deeply unpleasant disease and were only to happy too happy to provide tyres for his car,” explains Alan Meaker, Toyo UK’s Technical and Motorsport Director. “We’re confident that the R888s will provide all the grip and handling poise Gordon requires.”

With everything set for a busy and (hopefully) successful 2016, Gordon, Toyo and everyone at Prostate Cancer UK is looking forward to a hard season of competitive racing. The combination of an expertly prepared Porsche, Gordon’s undoubted skill behind the wheel and R888 tyres should make for a potent combination, and Toyo would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone involved with the project the very best of luck.