Toyo Continue Their Support For UK Club Racing In 2016

January 24, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on January 24, 2016

Toyo Continue Their Support For UK Club Racing In 2016
Toyo Tires has vowed to continue – and even increase – its support for ‘grassroots’ motorsport in the UK throughout the 2016 season.

The UK is blessed with one of the most active and diverse club racing scenes in the world, a thriving community that covers pretty much every type of car and bike imaginable, visits a plethora of circuits, and is home to skilled drivers and deeply passionate fans. Toyo UK has long been a stalwart supporter of British club motorsport of all shapes, sizes and categories, and many of the firm’s key developments in tyre technology have come off of the back of this successful sponsorship arrangement, one that’s set to continue in 2016. Toyo chose the annual Autosport International show at Birmingham’s NEC to unveil their programme of support and sponsorship for the year ahead, with several new and exciting additions to an already packed calendar.

Toyo’s extensive support for the UK clubman community has helped the firm establish a reputation for producing excellent tyres that manage to be both highly effective and reasonably priced. Toyo tyres are both robust and compliant, perfectly suited to the extensive variety of tracks and track grades that form the backbone of the British clubman calendar, and all available in a wide selection of profiles and tread patterns. The highly regarded Proxes range is central to Toyo’s motorsport portfolio, and the lineup now includes a tyre for the majority of popular applications and fitments. The Proxes R888 has been the default choice for entry level clubman competition for years now, its popularity no doubt helped by it being both road legal and suitable for track work. Those seeking to further focus their motorsport activities can opt for the new R888R, a track only tyre developed with continuous centre tread and wide shoulders for an enhanced driving experience. Toyo’s track-orientated range is rounded off by the RS1, a slick tyre with outstanding levels of grip, and its wet weather counterpart, the RR1. All four have been roundly praised for offering exceptional performance and extended optimum operating windows, and all can be had as part of very competitive price packages, so ideal for those buying with competition in mind.

Toyo’s steadfast commitment to British motorsport is perhaps best embodied by a closer examination of the series that the brand supports, all of which can be found below. All these series and championships run Toyo control tyres of one description or another, the most common being the Proxes R888R.

The BTSCC Toyo Tires Porsche Championship has long been one of the jewels in Toyo’s club motorsport programme thanks to its breathtakingly fast cars, phenomenally talented drivers and varied grids. It’s not exactly hard to see why these cars are so popular with drivers, teams and spectators, you just need to witness a full grid of them powering down Paddock Hill Bend at full chat!

Another club series that has enjoyed great success over the course of the last few years is the BRSCC Toyo Tires Honda VTEC Challenge, a compelling collection of races aimed squarely at fans of Honda’s legendary VTEC motor.

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