The Wait for Supercars & the Importance of Checks for Used Performance Cars

February 7, 2018 By Mike Lee
Last updated on February 7, 2018

The Wait for Supercars & the Importance of Checks for Used Performance Cars
The most desirable cars in the world come with a high price-tag and a lengthy waiting list, but those fortunate to get behind the wheel will admit that it is all worth it in the end.

Lengthy Waiting Times

Supercars like the magnificent Bugatti Chiron can take a few years to be delivered after purchase because these manufacturers do not make a huge amount each year. This means that some high rollers have to wait until the next production cycle to get their vehicle made. When you consider the number of options that cars like the Chiron has, such as a diamond cut finish or blue accents, this can drive up the price and increase the waiting time.

Performance Cars in the Used Vehicle Market

For those that do not have deep enough pockets or the patience to wait for a supercar to come straight from the manufacturer, the used car market is a good option as here you can find many fantastic performance cars for a fraction of the price. As with any used car, it is vital that you are careful in this market and take steps to protect yourself to avoid scams and fraudulent sellers.


Car checks on performance vehicles are a crucial part of the process. These checks obtain important data from bodies such as the DVLA, the police, insurance companies, finance companies, the SMMT and various other institutions to gain a deep understanding of the vehicle’s history. The data is kept constantly up to date thanks to the latest technology and running a range of processes.

These car checks can alert you to any important information so that you can make an intelligent decision about the performance vehicle. This includes information such as if it has been previously written off, if there is outstanding finance, if it is recorded as stolen (they are often targeted by criminals) and if it has been clocked. They can also provide an MOT history so that you can see if the car is roadworthy, when it is due and if there are advisory notes that could indicate a problem.

Not every performance car enthusiast has the money or the patience to wait for the world’s greatest luxury cars to be made, but the used car market can be a good option to find affordable performance cars. Car checks must always be carried out when shopping here, however, as this allows you to uncover the vehicle’s past and ensure that it is a smart purchase.