The Super Cool Noble M600 Speedster Supercar

July 10, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 2, 2015

Noble M600 Speedster

The Super lightweight Noble M600 is hand built in England and features, a carbon body, stainless steel and aluminium tub constructed chassis with an integral safety cell and crash protection areas.

With 650bhp and an impressive power to weight ratio of 542bhp per tonne, it has an Adaptable Performance Control function that you can select to alter the power output to reflect both the location and suitable driving conditions. The APC adjusts not just the power output but also tailors the boost curve, traction and throttle response relative to the selected mode and has the following seetings:

The ‘comfort’ setting and represents circa 450bhp, this also supports full traction control and a gently progressive boost curve and throttle response.

The mid-range power setting circa 550bhp, this setting features a little less intrusive traction, a steeper boost curve and more initial response to the throttle.

The full power setting of circa 650bhp, this allows increased wheel slip, an aggressive boost curve and a heightened reactive throttle ‘tip in’ to allow effective and responsive heel and toe operation.

Noble M600 Specifications
Top Speed: 225mph (estimated)
0-120 mph: 8.9 seconds (Autocar)
Engine: Yamaha V8 4439cc Twin Turbo.
Power: 650bhp @ 6800rpm.
Torque: 604lb ft @ 3800rpm.
Power to Weight: 542bhp per tonne.
Transmission: Graziano 6 speed manual.
Installation: Mid, longitudinal, rear wheel drive.
Chassis: Stainless sheet steel tub with tubular space frame.
Body: Carbon Fibre Composite.
Steering: Power assisted rack and pinion.
Suspension: Independent double wishbones with coil over shock absorbers,
front and rear roll bars.
Brakes: Front; Alcon 380mm semi-floating discs with six piston calipers.
Rear; Alcon 350mm discs with four piston calipers.
Wheels: Forged aluminium alloy. Fronts; 9Jx19. Rears: 12Jx20.
Tyres: Michelin Pilot Sport. Fronts; 255/30-19. Rears: 335/30-20.
Fuel Capacity: 68 litres.
Wheelbase: 2540mm.
Weight: 1198kg.
Track: 1578mm.
Length: 4360mm.