The Nissan QX70 By AHG-Sports

January 12, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 4, 2015

The Nissan QX70 By AHG-Sports

AHG-Sports, founded in 2009 is a tuning brand of the car dealer Guenther at Hamburg, Germany. Since 1977 the Hanseatic car dealer has been the expert for new and used Nissan cars. The premium brand of Infiniti has had much success since 2009 in Hamburg and, since 2010 also in Berlin and Frankfurt. Comprehensibly, the ‘tuning spin-off’ under direction of Michael PENNING is more orientated towards Infinity, the noble brand of Nissan. Here, high quality tuning and exclusive service are in perfect combination.

This time the “object of desire” is a QX70, SUV series Infiniti. The V6 turbo-diesel with a 3 litre engine, was treated to a body kit named the ‘LR2’. The said body kit includes the clearly structured front bumper with LED day lights, side skirts, painted in car color wheel moldings, the rear bumper and fitted tail pipes. The LR2 body kit is offered by AHG-Sports for 11,900 € including mounting and registration. In this special case, the complete price of the car including accessories, shipping and VAT is 89,900 €.

If you also want single parts for youe QX70, Then you can also get the following: brake calipers in red with “Infiniti” lettering for 1,200 €, engine covering painted in red for 200 €, door handles in car color for 600 €, painted in mat black roof rails and radiator grill for 1,150 €, chrome trims all around wrapped in mat black for 980 €. The following five positions include AHG-Sports own material: Lowering by 25 mm for 1,250 €, wheel set CLR22 DB703 with tires 285/35R22 for 5,900 €, wheel spacing by 15 mm for 500 €, power optimization up to 281 HP (= 207 kW) and 613 Nm for 1,250 € and – last but not least – a sports exhaust system after DPF for 2,990 €.

The Guenther Car Dealing Group has also recently signed a sales partnership contract for the – specialized premium class SUV with the Russian car ennobler LARTE Design.