The Most Popular Luxurious Cars on the Roads Today

November 12, 2018 By Mike
Last updated on November 12, 2018

Expense is often the only thing keeping most road users away from a luxury car. It doesn’t matter if you’re a car fanatic or only mildly interested in your own vehicle, everyone knows a nice looking, well performing car when they see one. Still, they’re not entirely immune to disasters, even if the vehicles themselves are not at fault…

Luxury cars are a big investment, and most tend to buy them based on their popularity. They’re not just status symbols, but lovingly crafted machines that improve both the efficiency and safety of the driving experience. Consequently, here are some of the most popular luxury cars on the roads today.

Range Rover SUV
Not every luxury car needs to be an elegant and slick supercar. Some of the most popular luxury cars are stylish yet practical, and this is what the Range Rover SUV doubles down on. Whether it’s the robust air suspension or a handily placed minifridge located between the back seats, the driver could live a life of luxury off-road in the woods with this car. An appealing dichotomy between efficiency and pure style is at play here, and they both compliment each other perfectly instead of being at odds with one another.

Jaguar XJ
The Jaguar XJ exudes aesthetic appeal, with crisp bodywork in the chassis being coated in the finest metallic paints. Unlike the Range Rover SUV’s much-need high driving position, the Jaguar XJ offers the opposite in low sitting, letting drivers feel the raw power in the high speeds that the car can reach. Despite this, there’s also a great deal of room too, as well as providing LED headlamps, heated and cooling seating and a panoramic glass roof. In the end, it’s all the result of some of the finest craftsmanship in cars today.

Maserati Quattroporte
This luxury car has Italian fingerprints all over it; from the fine leather seats to the rich woods weaving throughout the interior. It’s also an incredibly speedy car, coming equipped with a 3.8-litre V8 engine developed by Ferrari. More impressively is how the vehicle is built to sustain extraordinarily high speeds, as it doesn’t compromise an inch of handling finesse during transit. You can push this car to its limits and pass by pedestrians in a stylish blur, and you wouldn’t lose anywhere near as much control as other cars would take away from you.

Porsche Panamera
The most popular cars can often be family cars, and if there’s one thing luxury cars aren’t particularly heralded for, it’s the family appeal. Not many stylish luxury cars can accommodate families comfortably, but the Porsche Panamera gets the job done with elegant ease. There’s room for four in here, and the rear sits can be split into sections and folded away for extra storage should the need for space arise. To top off the appeal, the vehicle comes with a turbocharge 2.9-litre petrol engine, enabling 0-62 mph in 5.7 seconds. At the will of the driver, this can give the car a sense of a speedy little sportscar instead of a bulky, family vehicle. In the end, the car can adapt to changing needs and passengers, which is a huge selling point in and of itself.